Elevating School Standards: School Line Marking

Elevating School Standards: School Line Marking

A school is a place that plays a great part in the formation of one’s intellect. Through games and projects and various event participations, children learn the value of forging relationships with each other. Now, with the help of School line markings schools can reach up to the children’s mind on a creative level and help in engaging them with the surroundings.

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What is School Line Marking?

Using line markings makes the dullest of things come to life in a school environment. In simpler terms, it is the same way of using paints in such manner that they provide an outline of a particular structure. In a school environment school line marking can be used around car parks, tennis courts, basketball courts and in playgrounds as well. They help in transforming a concrete playground into a colorful and elegant environment that enhances both learning and play for kids.

Why are they Necessary?

They prove to make children more independent, enthusiastic and social. Use of school line marking around the playground ascertains a bit more encouragement to the children and enables them to enjoy different activities and skills. They help in increasing school based physical activity. The line markings are attractive and stimulating they provide multi colored, physical hand-eye-coordination activities which lead to increase in a number of active students in the school. It has a way of extending study beyond classrooms and forms a new way of learning and enjoying both at the same time.

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Advantages of School Line Marking:

1. Children spend around 40% of their school time in the playground. With the proper use of School Line Markings, a playground can become a place of fun and social interaction which can stimulate children in a positive direction. The playground can be a fulfilling place for children if it has various graphics drawn on it like snakes and ladders, maps, hopscotch squares, colored lines, football pitch markings, etc. All of this helps the students in

  • Decreased obesity among the children as they become active during the playing hours.
  • Fitness is the key to a healthy body, mind, and soul thereby helping children to take up good habits.
  • Decreased bullying as the children are more involved with the perplexing environment around them.
  • Social Interaction becomes a key feature as it increases the enjoyment by ten folds.
  • Increased activity of the children on the play grounds.
  • Concentration power of the children increases as a healthy body nourishes a healthy mind.

2. It helps in using up all the available spaces around the premises so that it can be used for providing a healthy and playful atmosphere around the school.

3. In cases where there isn’t much space available, it makes the area look bigger and satisfying as it creates an aura of the playful atmosphere.

4. It is cheap as it doesn’t have to be painted again and again if good quality material and paints are used by the professionals.

5. The only limit to creativity is your imagination. One can take suggestions from children about the kind of graphics they want on the school playground.

Selecting School Line Marking:

When it comes to selecting the best paint for school line marking, there are a few options:

  • Chlorinated rubber or Water based paints
  • Cold applied plastic
  • Rubber wheel stops
  • Rubber speed bumps
  • Epoxy resin or Thermoplastic

Of all the available types Thermoplastic Paints are the widely used. They turn out to be highly stable even considering rough uses and prolonged rainfalls. They can be laid easily on the ground without much effort and are ready to use the same day.

The use of school line marking procreates the environment of the school into a stimulating and cheerful area. The bright markings encourage children to keep fit and enjoy their playtime to the fullest.

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