Benefits of Using an Electric Shaver and The Best One to Choose

Benefits of Using an Electric Shaver and The Best One to Choose

Before we get into a few electric shaver benefits, let’s talk a bit about what electric shaver you should choose. The answer is the Philips Norelco S9000 Prestige Qi-Charge Electric Shaver. It is Philips’ best shaver, allowing users to experience the closest, most comfortable, most efficient electric shave.

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Norelco is a popular brand name of men’s grooming products, including electric shavers, beard trimmers, and hair clippers, as well as women’s grooming products, including electric shavers, bikini trimmers, and epilators. Norelco is an acronym for North American Philips Electrical Company. Norelco products are made by the Consumer Health and Well-Being Division of Philips, a leading, multinational, health technology company, headquartered in Amsterdam.

Let’s take a look at a few of the main features of the S9000 Prestige Qi-Charge Electric Shaver.


Wet/Dry Shaving– The S9000 Prestige Qi-Charge Electric Shaver allows you to choose either a dry shave or a wet shave, using foam or gel.

3 Custom Settings– The electric razor gives you a choice of 3 shave settings- Fast, for a quick shave; Normal, for a complete, everyday shave and Sensitive, for a gentle, thorough shave.

3-Step Cleaning– The electric shaver’s 3-step cleaning process simplifies cleanup.
NanoTech Precision Blades- These blades are long lasting and very strong, with high-precision, sharp edges that feature strong Nanoparticles.

Contour Detect Heads– The Contour Detect Heads provide you with a very close, smooth shave, featuring heads that move in 8 directions. The heads are designed to follow each and every facial contour, including areas that are hard to reach like the jawline and neck.

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Skin Comfort Rings– The Contour Detect Heads are surrounded by Skin Comfort Rings. These rings feature a special protective coating that has metallic pigments. These pigments feature an anti-friction coating that provides a smooth glide.

Beard Adapt Sensor– The Beard Adapt Sensor allows you to shave off a dense beard with very little effort, even a stubborn 7-day beard. The sensors check your hair density 15 times per second and then automatically adjusts the shaver accordingly.

Smart Click Precision Trimmer– This click-on trimmer helps with mustache maintenance and sideburn trimming.

Qi-Charging Pad– The Qi-Charging Pad allows you to charge your electric shaver wirelessly.


Quick Shave– Using an electric shaver is undoubtedly the fastest way to shave in the morning since all you need to do is turn it on and go. This is perfect for those mornings when you’re in a hurry.

Less Skin Irritation– Electric shavers are designed to get a clean cut on the hair follicles, thus leading to a more comfortable shave. In turn, this means fewer abrasions, cuts, ingrown hairs, nicks, razor bumps and razor burns.

Stubble Control– Electric shavers allow you to control the amount of facial stubble that you desire.

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  1. I have to show this to all the men in our family. They are the ones who have to use them so want the best for them.

  2. My hubby only uses an electric shaver. He loves it! He didn’t like the razor burn that he was getting with a regular razor. I bet he would love this razor.

  3. This would be great for my husband. We were both sad when he got a new job and had to shave his beard. We were allowed to keep the goatee! This looks like something he needs for sure!

  4. My husband has a beard now and loves his electric beard trimmer. I wonder if my sons would prefer this to their regular razors.

  5. This looks so cool and stylish. I think this will be an awesome gift for my Dad on his birthday.

  6. For months now, my husband has been saying he’d like to have a new electric shaver. The one he’s using is old and needs replacing. I absolutely love the model you’ve reviewed. I agree that it’s the perfect choice! Thanks so much for sharing this info!

  7. You have definitely sold me on the S9000 Prestige. Can’t wait to buy it, and experience all of its amazing features.

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