Benefits of Using an Electric Kettle

Pour Over Electric Kettle Comes With Many Benefits

The benefits of using an electric water kettle are great for tea lovers. You may want to hold onto your nostalgic feelings toward traditional teapots, but the technology here has done wonders for the taste of great tea and you’ll quickly come to be using your old teapots as decoration and letting your electric kettle take up a prime space on your countertop. Or you could have the best of both worlds and go for a teapot style electric kettle with the Capresso Pour-Over Kettle. 

electric Kettle

The Spout

The gooseneck spout creates an elegant look while having higher functions than most kettles. I find pouring the water into a teacup is a lot more direct causing less spillage. 

electric Kettle

Energy Efficient

These kettles come with a handful of features that make great tasting tea. First of all, it’s a more energy efficient way to heat water. All of the heat is being focused on what’s inside of the pot, instead of being wasted in various directions. Stovetop boiling takes about ten minutes, while the Capresso pour-over electric kettle takes about three minutes. This is a huge savings of time and energy.

electric Kettle

No Boiling Over

If you’re thinking, well, I could microwave it in less time than that, think again. Microwaved water tastes awful, is hard to control the temperature, and it ruins every flavor of tea. You’ll notice the difference right away when you use the Capresso Pour-Over Kettle if this is how you’ve been heating your water for a while. The automatic shut off feature keeps your water from over boiling. If you’ve ever been distracted by something else and let your pot boil away for too long, you can really appreciate this feature.

electric Kettle

Keeping It Hot

The Capresso Pour-Over Kettle has a keep warm function, so your water will still be the same temperature when you get back to it. This is also great if you’re having people over and your guests are arriving late. Water will stay warm for 30 minutes after you have started the kettle.

electric Kettle

Adjustable Temperature Settings 

The Capresso Pour-Over Kettle has a button on it with different temperature settings depending on which type of tea you are planning to make. Temperatures range from 140-212 degrees Fahrenheit. 

electric Kettle

Green and white tea drinks arguably get the biggest benefit from using an electric water kettle. This is because these teas need cooler water than most other drinks, and when made with water that’s too hot they taste harsh and bitter.

The Grip

Gripping the Capresso Pour-Over Kettle is a breeze. With the open handle, you can grip in whatever way is most comfortable without any problems. 

electric Kettle

Features of the Capresso Pour-Over Electric Kettle

  • 40-oz (1.2 L) capacity
  • Gooseneck spout provides a controlled pour at an even flow rate, perfect for pour-over coffee or any type of tea
  • Large, open handle is easy to grip in multiple ways and incorporates a unique molded thumb rest
  • Adjustable temperature can be displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius
    Temperature can be adjusted in 1° increment from 140°F – 212°F
  • 30 minute keep warm
  • Adjustable countdown timer for precise brewing can be started on command
  • LCD display shows time and temperature simultaneously to easily monitor the brewing process
  • 360° swivel base
  • Automatic reheat function when cold water is added to the kettle

electric Kettle

  • Drip-free pouring design
  • Dry boil protection
  • Safety thermal cut-off
  • Concealed low-noise heating element
  • Cord wraps around base for storage
  • Brushed stainless steel kettle is BPA free

electric Kettle

Whether you want an electric kettle because it is a time saver or if you have mom’s brain and are tired of always forgetting you had water boiling until you have no water left in the pot, the benefits of having a water kettle will definitely be far more than you anticipated!

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19 thoughts on “Benefits of Using an Electric Kettle

  1. This sounds like an awesome electric kettle! I really need to get this for my dad, who drinks tea every morning. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love how useful this sounds, anytime you are having hot drinks, this is perfect. I really like how long the water stays, hot, too. This would make a nice gift!

  3. I like that this does not boil over. That has always been my biggest issue with using one.

  4. Looking at this vintage teapot brought back some of my memories with my grandma – at least over 50 years ago! That was her and mine’s together time. I really miss her! I don’t even know what happened to that pot!! My granny would flip if she knew of all the functions this pot can do!! I am too! I like hot and cold tea, but I like hot tea – hot! So I LOVE the keeping the water warm and that I will have a cup of tea in around three minutes! I know a couple friends that would like this and Christmas is coming! Pin worthy.

  5. I don’t own one, but have been to a friends’ house who does. This is great! Doesn’t boil over, automatic reheating, and the temperature gauge are my favorite features!

  6. I have always wanted one of these and after reading your review, I want one even more. Electric Kettles sound so wonderful. No more getting up and down to get hot water when you can have it heating where ever your working.

  7. I am a big tea drinker and prefer it over coffee most days. This has so many handy features that would make it easy to have my tea all day.

  8. My daughter bought me an electric kettle last year and it is so convenient. It boils water so fast! I’m a tea drinker and this was a perfect gift for me. It’s true, microwaved water makes a lousy tasting tea. I like the style of this Capresso Boil-Over Kettle.

  9. I’ve been wanting to get one of these kettles for tea for a while. There’s just always so many choices available. Definitely going to check this one out.

  10. I have been wanting to get this, it would be great for enjoying a cup if hot tea in the morning.

  11. I can not even count the number of times I have forgotten I had water boiling and tea boiling. As many times as I would tell myself I was not going to forget and I would again. This kettle has so many good features. I can’t think of anything they left out.

  12. I had no idea that an electric kettle was so different than using one that you put on the stove, I also did not know that green and white teas need a different temp, a cooler temperature of water. I learned a lot from your article!

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