Dozen Fun Fudge Recipes – Tasty Treats

Fudge Recipes

Fudge is great all year long. From Birthday parties to family gatherings to Christmas parties, fudge is a perfect addition to any menu! In addition, with the right recipe mixed with a little creativity, you can make your fudge not only taste great but also look great to add a little flair to your event!

Fudge Recipes

Here are a dozen great fudge recipes!

Rainbow Fudge by Amanda’s Cookin
Chocolate Covered Cherry Fudge by A Dash of Sanity
Maple Bacon Fudge by Ashlee Marie
Flower Patch Fudge by A Night Owl
Gumdrop Fudge by Crafts Ala Mode
Cotton Candy Fudge by The Tiptoe Fairy
Snowflake Fudge by Capturing Joy
Cake Batter Sprinkle Fudge by Ashlee Marie
Unicorn Poop Fudge by Mom Dot
Red Velvet Fudge by A Dash of Sanity
White Chocolate Frozen Fudge by Happiness is Homemade
Bailey’s Irish Cream Fudge by The Gardening Cook

If you have your own favorite fudge recipe, I would love to hear about it. My husband is eager for me to make the Cake Batter and Sprinkles Fudge that is featured on Ashlee Marie’s. She has all sorts of sprinkle recipes that you will have to make sure you check out! 

Do you have any special memories of making fudge or others making fudge for you? My dad made fudge when I was a teenager. I loved to stand by his side talking and watching. Of course, another favorite part was that he would often let me taste a little of the fudge from the spoon while it was still warm. YUM! If you have never tried the fudge straight off the stirring spoon, grab you a little taste when you make yours.

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2 thoughts on “Dozen Fun Fudge Recipes – Tasty Treats

  1. I love fudge! But it is definitely something that I have never attempted to make myself before. All of these recipes are so fun and unique, I can’t wait to try my luck at some! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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