Dear Mama, it’s OK to not like your kid

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Loving your kid is a given liking them is optional

I’ll begin this post with a small request … Please, don’t judge me.

See, I don’t like my kids.

It’s not every day that I don’t like them. Some days there’s no one else I’d rather hang out with. But then there are other days … there are some days I question my sanity for WANTING to reproduce such little hellions.

It’s taken me a long while but I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that some days I’m just not gonna like my kid.
And that is ok!
There are days I don’t like myself. Much less anyone else. So why would I put undue pressure on myself to like someone else 100% of the time?

Wanna know what I do on the days I just don’t like my kid?

I take a deep breath (try not to scream as I exhale it). Then I take another deep breath. Then another. Then I give them a hug. It’s hard to be upset with someone you’re hugging.

Sometimes it works – sometimes it doesn’t and I come outta the hug as disgruntled as I went in.

But, even on the days that I don’t like my kid and he doesn’t like me back – I’ve shown him that I love him.

My love is not contingent on my feelings.

I’ll love them always.

I’ll like them sometimes.

And that is ok.

Struggles appear at every age and every stage – we need to learn to continually be there for our children even when it isn’t easy.

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6 Replies to “I Don’t Like My Kid”

  1. I think it is good for parents to know that it is okay to have days where things aren’t always great and the same goes for kids.

  2. I love this article! It is so true!! Most days I don’t like one of my kids but I always love them! Same goes for my husband 🙂

  3. hey my mom told us that she wish she never had me or a couple of brothere and she made it inpoosible to live with when we were kid we had to do the choirs and then we did clothes lcean a house by time i was 11

  4. I think this goes for all of us. It is this way with everyone in our lives. We love the person but don’t always like what they do. Thank you for being honest and sharing this article. God Bless

  5. It is OK not to always like them- Sometimes they are not that likeble. You do always need to love the- not be their friend, be the parent * love them . Teach them what they need to know to survive in this world.. And NO , You CANNOT kill them

  6. You might not like their actions but you always love them.It is tough to keep the actions separate from the individual.Yes there are days you wont like your kid, your spouse even yourself, but remember tomorrow is another day and their actions do not have to dictate your reactions.

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