DIY Homemade Slingshots! #Craft #DIY

Homemade Slingshot Shoots Far!

 Homemade Slingshot

My boys are true BOYS. They love shooting their airsoft guns, nerf guns and even slingshots. My oldest son decided he wanted to make his own slingshot. Needless to say, after he made the first one, he begged for me to take him to Walmart to pick up more Gatorade bottles so he could make more for friends. Check out this fun craft for older boys! I don’t typically find crafts that my boys actually enjoy but they LOVE this! All you need is an empty Gatorade bottle, a balloon, a small piece of sandpaper and a small saw!

Start with an empty Gatorade or Powerade bottle. Of course, the boys love that part. To have an empty bottle meant they got to drink it! Ha! They love some Gatorade! Once the bottle is empty, saw off the cap starting right below the lip on the cap.

Homemade Slingshot

Next, sand it down some so that it doesn’t catch on the balloon. (you could probably get by without sanding if you cut pretty evenly with the saw)

Homemade Slingshot

Peel off the bottom ring but do NOT throw away!

Homemade Slingshot

Cut the balloon half way between the wide opening and the balloon opening (see photo below). You can throw away the small part with two openings.

Homemade Slingshot

Attach the balloon to the bottle ring, pulling it as far up as possible.

Homemade Slingshot

Next, slide the bottom ring back onto the bottle and peel the balloon back down.

Homemade Slingshot

There you have a homemade slingshot. Put a marshmallow or anything small like that. Pull back the balloon and fire! The further you pull the balloon, the further and harder it shoots. It really does shoot fast and hard so you will NOT want to aim at people or breakable objects! My son said this is better than even an airsoft gun because he has more control over where and how far he wants to shoot something!

If you try it out, comment below and let me know your thoughts!!


9 thoughts on “DIY Homemade Slingshots! #Craft #DIY

  1. This is a different type of craft to try. It seems fun to make and I know boys especially would enjoy this.

  2. This is great! My son is definitely going to want to make one of these. 🙂 Thanks for sharing how to do it!

  3. I remember my step-brothers always making slingshots only to have them taken away. That never stopped them they just kept making more.

  4. I am so going to try this with the step-grandkids the next time they come over!

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