Detect Energy Losing-Leaks at Home and Much More with a Blower Door Test

blower door test

Are you the owner of a new property? Or do you have a house or building that you have owned for a long time? In both situations, when you are thinking about a remodel, it is imperative that you opt in for a blower door test. It will enable you to assess the effectiveness of the existing system and come across any energy-losing leaks the structure might have. You might want to opt-in for a greener system or reduce the bills, this test will enable you to know the existing air-flow state in the house or building. 

Understanding the blower door test

You can conduct the blower test by inserting a fan at the building’s front door with the correct seal. The external windows and doors remain closed, and the interior doors are opened. Also, the exhaust fans in the bathrooms and kitchens should be put off. That aside, the fireplace dampers need to remain closed. After that, the fan gets used to pull the air away from the building. If a structure stays enclosed, there will be less air required for creating a pressure drop in your house or office. You can make use of this data to provide a total leakage area or even blend it with various other processes, such as infrared testing for deciding on the leakage amount on the HVAC, window and a particular wall. To know more about it, you can check out Shoreline Building Performance of Nanaimo

Some of the apparent benefits of the blower door test include the following:

It throws light on various issues

The test lets the HVAC technician know about building insulation issues, leakers, and drafts. It will help you to address and remedy any cracks or holes that might exist. Once you do away with the standard causes of energy loss, you can make the most of your home comfort and sufficient cooling and heating all around the year. 

It can be helpful for the environment

Any initiative you take to make your house energy-effective will benefit the environment as a whole. When you wish to opt-in for a green setting, the test is the ideal way for ensuring that there is very little portion of greenhouse gases in the energy generation. It will ensure that you are making an effort to balance the environment. 

Boosts the resale value of your house

You need to know that an energy-effective house is always valuable. When there is the home energy audit, the blower door test can enable you to decide about the investments you should make. The moment you make all the required additions and repairs, your home value will increase. That aside, you should also enhance your house’s marketability to be energy-efficient. 

Finally, it enables you to save money. The blower door test and other repairs act as an investment, and there are savings as well. The testing pinpoints in the places of your house where there is energy waste, which enables you to execute cost-effective solutions. Just in case, you have seen that the utility bills are up in spite of getting a brand-new HVAC system, you can choose a blower door test, as that’s an intelligent decision. 

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