Darren Romeo Amazes Audience at Magic Beyond Belief in Pigeon Forge, TN #TravelReview

Magic Beyond Belief Will Leave You in Awe!

Magic Beyond Belief was, by far, one of the best shows our family has seen together! Darren Romeo captures his audience with his sense of humor, his musical talent, his intense illusions, and how much he engages the audience in this remarkable, 2-hour show!

Magic Beyond Belief

It was really hard to take my eyes off of him (Darren Romeo), I didn’t even want to blink because I never knew what was going to happen next! ~Ryan, age 10

He greeted the audience on stage and the next thing we knew, he was in a completely different place (don’t want to give away to many secrets) He kept us on the edge of our seat wondering what was about to happen next. From beginning to end, his performance was top notch. Magic Beyond Belief

I have no idea how he did the tricks he did. I tried figuring it out, especially the floating light bulb thing he did in honor of another magician (Harry Blackstone). There was no way I could figure it out! It was a really great show! ~Cameron. age 14

I have never seen a magician with so much talent beyond the magic. Darren Romeo is an incredible singer and just naturally a funny guy! His humor was not limited to just one age bracket. My 4-year-old was even laughing at some of his jokes! The show was a great mix of entertainment for both the young and the old!

Magic Beyond Belief

  • The only protege of Master Illusionists Siegfried and Roy
  • Only magician in the WORLD allowed to perform Harry Blackston’s famous “Legacy of the floating light bulb”

State of the art special effects, lights, sounds and lasers enhance this one-of-a-kind magical production! Your family must see it to believe it!

Magic Beyond Belief

Although the show may have planned out songs and tricks, no show is ever alike considering how much Darren relies on the audience to be a part of the show! At one point, he was walking through the middle of the audience on the backs of the chairs to pick out “help” for his next act. With his spontaneous one-liners based on the situation and reactions presented by the audience, he kept the crowd engaged from start to finish.

Magic Beyond Belief

During your next trip to Gatlinburg, make sure you get tickets to see this show! You will NOT regret it! Be ready for both your brain and your belly to be hurting after the show because your brain will be working overtime trying to figure out what just happened while your belly will hurt from the excessive laughing! 

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