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Cutest Baby Contest Voting Has Begun 

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We have had some adorable babies to enter our Cutest Baby Contest. Help decide the winners! You may vote once a day for who you think is the cutest baby. 

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A big thanks to the sponsors of My Four and More’s 2020 Cutest Baby Contest!

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The prizes for the Baby Contest are ones that everyone who has a baby or a baby on the way will want to look into. Let me give you a little bit of information about each product. Please click on the product name to be redirected to more information about the product along with information on where you can purchase these products. 

Abiie Beyond Junior Y Chair 

This highchair will grow with your child all the way into adulthood! Yes, it can hold a baby but also an adult by quickly and easily rearranging the positions of the seat and backing of the chair. Made from high-quality European cultivated beech wood. Choose between a 3 or 5 point harness for babies and toddlers and enjoy a cushioned, waterproof seat with a removable tray. Then transform your highchair into a seat for your little one to transition from high chair to sitting at the table. As your child gets taller, the height of the seat (and backing) can then be adjusted to fit appropriately. We have had this highchair for quite some time and have enjoyed using it with all different sized foster children! Check out more, HERE

JanieBee Nap Mats 

Oh, JanieBee… JanieBee has been a lifesaver over and over in our family. Whether it is a trip to grandma’s, a sleepover with a cousin, or a few nights in a hotel, JanieBee has been right along with us. JanieBee Nap Mats are not just any ordinary nap mat. They are comfortable, MACHINE WASHABLE nap mats made to travel anywhere and everywhere with your small child. Between the soft material, the attached blanket (so no one gets cold), a pillow that will stay in place, JanieBee Nap Mats are a high-quality nap mat that will last many years. My daughter has had hers for several years now. We are BIG fans of JanieBee Nap Mats. My daughter’s has been washed countless times and still looks brand new. The nap mats roll up and are tied to tote anywhere (rolls MUCH easier than a sleeping bag) and can even include an embroidered personalization! Check out more, HERE


No one ever likes to think about the worst case scenarios… but they still happen. If you have known anyone who has lost a husband, wife, or child unexpectedly, you will understand just how important it is to have all your ducks in a row PRIOR to the unexpected. Gentreo helps you, step-by-step, complete all the necessary documents that your state requires to protect your health, home, and belongings. Believe me, you do NOT want the state to take control of your home, pets, and especially children in the event of your unexpected death. Plan ahead and let Gentreo make sure you have covered everything to no one else makes the choice for you! You can then share your planning and legal documents with friends or family. Plus, Gentreo will be sure your documents are updated as laws change. You can never be too prepared when it comes to your children. Find out more, HERE!


Summer will be here before you know it. Protecting your babies skin from the sun’s harmful rays is a big, but important, job. SwimZip offers bathing suits that cover your baby from their neck to their ankles and wrists with a breathable fabric to best protect them from the sun. SwimZip’s bathing suits are very high quality and adorable, to say the least! Aside from the bathing suits, SwimZip also offers bendable, baby sunglasses, sun hats, and the highest quality round beach towels that I have ever felt! No lie!! Find out more about SwimZip’s products, HERE!

Precious Moments Precious Earth Snack Containers

We all know once babies begin to eat, they never stop! Having a snack on hand is a must whether you are home or away. The Precious Moments, Precious Earth Snack Containers are easy to pack and stack in your diaper bag or in a cabinet. The bamboo containers are accompanied with a silicone/plastic lids that are dishwasher safe. Not to mention, they are not just useful but absolutely adorable! Find out more, HERE

Precious Moments Tuk Elephant Bank

Life is expensive… you know that! Help your child learn to save their money from the time they are little bitty. Habits of saving can be formed at any age but the younger, the better. The Tuk Elephant collection is one of my favorites. The Tuk Elephant Bank adds character to your child’s bedroom. The hand painted ceramic elephant can be an heirloom to pass from generation to generation all while helping your youngster learn the importance of saving money! Find out more, HERE!

Precious Moments Sonogram Photo Frame

Sonogram pictures get thrown in a box of keepsakes and are often forgotten. Why forget something like that? The very first images that you fell in love with!! The “Love at First Sight” is a frame to showcase your child’s sonogram photo. It is a great reminder to all of the “love at first sight”. Find out more, HERE!

Precious Moments Tuk Aurora Plush 12”

What child doesn’t LOVE a soft, squishy, adorable stuffed animal? Tuk the Elephant features the well-known Precious Moments’ eyes that will make your child’s heart melt. I mean, how absolutely adorable is this cute little guy? Find out more, HERE!

Precious Moments Tuk Elephant Hooded Blanket

I have had several hooded towels over my years of parenting but a hooded blanket? That is just genius! Made of cotton, this machine washable blanket is super soft. It is sure to become a favorite of your little one. The hood can be used to keep your child’s head warm instead of fighting with them over keeping a hat on their head or it can simply make it easy to carry! Find out more, HERE

Precious Moments Tuk Elephant 3-Pack Washcloths

The thin washcloths work well for newborns but once they begin to get true dirt and food caked to them, the clean up job needs more to it! These Tuk Elephant Washcloths are perfect for the job. The cute elephant design keeps your little one’s attention while the thickness of the material gets the job done! Find out more, HERE!

Clever Baby Mini Board Book Set

Reading to your baby is so important. Reading is what helps them expand their vocabulary and see the world around them. The mini board book set allows you to keep a couple in the diaper bag, a couple a home, and some in the car (or you can store them all in the same spot). Small board books are great for little hands and on-the-go entertainment. Buy yours, HERE!

Ciao! Baby Pug Booster Seat

Whether you like to camp or just have picnics at the park, the ciao! Baby Pug Booster Seat is a great addition to your baby gear. Think of it as a camping chair, for babies! The chair is made of the same material that camping chairs are made of so the chair folds easily and then stored in a bag. The built in tray makes it easy for eating on the go or a space to play with toys. These Pug Booster Seats are also great for families attending outdoor sporting events or game nights at a friends house. See all color schemes, HERE!

KeaBabies Baby Wrap

Baby wearing is the best. If you haven’t tried it, you need to. Baby wearing helps mom’s (and dad’s) backs from hurting and keeps mom’s arms free. The KeaBabies Baby Wrap is a super soft, breathable wrap made to carry babies to keep them close to mom. Baby wraps helps collicy babies and creates a stronger bond between mom and baby. The KeaBabies Baby Wrap has just the right amount of stretchiness. Not too stretchy and not too stiff! Just perfect. Pick your color, HERE!

Artistic Atmosphere Double Sided Felt Board

Not sure if you will be decorating in pink or blue? Artistic Atmosphere offers a reversible felt board. You can use the board to make Pinterest perfect baby announcements, use for monthly photos of your baby, or just as decoration in the nursery (or all of the above). The felt board comes with letters, numbers, symbols, and even emojis. Purchase yours, HERE!

What to Feed Your Baby and Toddler Book by Dr. Nicole Avena

Even second or third time parents second guess what and when their baby should begin eating foods but what about foods to eat during pregnancy to help your child grow properly. This book will guide you through the proper foods to eat, as well as, let you know the foods to stay clear of during certain points in your pregnancy. Along with the what and what nots, the book also offers 50 different recipes to try. Take a further look, HERE!

Here are the prizes (aside from bragging rights).


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