CUJO Smart Internet Firewall Provides Security

CUJO Smart Internet Firewall

Protecting Your Devices AND Your Children

In a world where being connected online is nearly a necessity, there comes a lot of potential threats and risks. Thanks to the CUJO Smart Internet Firewall, the virtual world has become a lot safer!

Internet Firewall

Straight out of the box, it’s sleek design and simplicity in set up is extraordinary. Even with my husband’s limited IT skills, he was able to have it up and running in just a few moments. While it is necessary to download the app to a smart phone or tablet, once the app is finished downloading, the setup itself is a breeze. He did hit a small hiccup due to a setting in our own home network (a problem on OUR end); however, one call to CUJO’s friendly customer assistance department and it was up and running in no time!

CUJO Smart Internet Firewall detects and blocks malicious sites, viruses, and hacks. Think of it like an antivirus for your entire network

The CUJO firewall has a great deal of features! Here are some of our favorite features.

Protects ALL Devices at a Business Level

First of all, it provides business-level internet security to your ENTIRE network. Every device from our computers, tablets, and phones, to our iPods and smart TV instantly became protected once CUJO Smart Internet Firewall was hooked up to our home network.

Internet Firewall

Notifies of Blocked Threats

Within an hour or so of being “behind the wall”, we had already received a notification of a blocked threat! You never know who may be trying to hack into your devices! Plus, I never realized how many sites we open that could cause potential risk to our devices! We don’t click on inappropriate sites, so I figured we were not at a high risk for malicious attacks to our systems. Boy, was I wrong! I am glad to know that CUJO is looking out for us!

The CUJO Smart Internet Firewall provides another deep level of home protection and keeps you up to date with what threats it has blocked! Know when blocks have been performed without even looking at the app alert. The eyes of the CUJO go from half to full shaped eyes. CUJO is just “looking out to protect you and your family”. 

Internet Firewall

Customizable, User-Friendly APP

Once you have completed the setup process, you will be amazed at the clean, user-friendly app. This allows customization based on your family’s needs and can be customized to each specific device as well. We love this option especially since we have a 14-year-old with a little more freedom than his four-year-old sister who might accidentally order a new toy from Amazon while she is supposed to be playing games. (That hasn’t actually happened but it almost did!) If we know she will be playing on one of our phones, we can temporarily block her from using any social media, shopping sites, and prevent her from even clicking on any accidental porn or other adult sites. We all know how easy a couple accidental clicks on an ad across our computer screen can turn dangerous!

Internet Firewall

Parental Controls – Protect Your Babies

As a parent of two boys who are internet crazy, it features some amazing parental controls including content blocks, scheduled internet times, and social media monitoring! It will even provides the ability to pause the internet connection to a specific device for when a little “extra motivation” may be needed.

Additional Parental Features Include:

  • parental controls on each individual device
  • alerts and reporting
  • remote administration
  • user profiles and settings

No Lagging Connections

With its one gigabyte ethernet, it allows flawless use of devices with no slowdown whatsoever, making the Cujo Smart Internet Firewall a welcomed addition to any home network! 

Check it out at Best Buy HERE and start protecting YOUR devices! 

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