Correcting Bad Dog Behavior

Correcting Bad Dog Behavior

If your dog is exhibiting bad dog behaviors, they can be stopped. With the right training, your dog will begin to behave well in no time.

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There are times when dogs exhibit strange behaviors that render them dangerous and unfit as household pets. In extreme cases, dogs attack people and destroy objects in the house. 

In most cases, though, disobedience and being overly playful and temperamental are signs of plain and simple bad dog behavior. Even well-trained dogs display unruly behavior once in a while. To find out what is causing your dog’s bad behavior, you can carefully observe your dog and even consider a trip to the vet.

Breed Temperament

Dog temperament is perhaps the primary reason why bad dog behavior is exhibited. It can safely be said that owners can assess the temperament of the dogs based on the breed or observing his or her parents if given the opportunity. 

After all, the profiles of pedigrees have already been documented. Although this is the case, there is still a certain level of unpredictability when it comes to dog breeds. This is because there are some outlying factors that can affect the general behavior of the dogs. 

Mixed breeds and mongrels are far harder to evaluate as their origins are not fully known. Mongrels, a dog of no definable type or breed, are perhaps the most unpredictable as their heritage is almost always unknown.

When choosing a dog, you should always keep in mind the temperament of the breed. It’s easy to find out what the typical behavior of your breed of dog should be. There is plenty of information online about different dog breeds

You can also find plenty of valuable information at your local library. If you find that your breed of dog has a history of aggressive or bad behavior, you will know that you might have quite a time ahead of you.

Training Your Dog

Bad dog behavior is a bane to the otherwise smooth interaction between people and pets, but this issue can easily be addressed with proper training. This is particularly helpful for younger dogs as they easily assimilate good behavior in their early years, particularly with the right training. Older dogs may be more challenging to handle, but the behavior can still be corrected. 

The appropriate corrective measures can be applied if the owner has an idea of what prompted the unruly behavior in the first place. With enough information, the training can push forward and start addressing the most obvious causes of the bad behavior and then move on to the unclear causes with caution. The key here is to establish the role of the owner as the leader to instill some discipline in the dog.

If you feel that you are unable to complete a training program with your dog, you might want to consider enrolling him in obedience school. Your vet should be able to give you some information about obedience schools in your area. Depending on your breed of dog and his age, you might be able to get your dog completely trained in only a week. There are also online dog training programs if it is not ideal for you to join an in-person training program. It may take a little longer when doing an online program but you can work at your own pace without having to leave your home. This is especially helpful for those who may be extra cautious about being in public with Covid or for those who live further away from training facilities. Baxter & Bella come very highly recommended in several of the dog Facebook groups I am a part of. 

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