Do You Have a Picky Child? Check Out This Clothing Subscription Service!

Clothing Subscription Service Perfect for Picky Kids

Do you have a child who is ever so picky about his or her clothing? You know, the child that you take to the store and they roam around looking at everything about ten times before they finally decide on ONE shirt? That would be my middle son. Taking him shopping can be a chore. I feel like my head is spinning by the time we get clothes picked out. Some of it is him being picky and the other reason is that he is always trying to find the cheapest thing so he doesn’t feel bad for us spending money on him. Wee Blessing has made this mama’s job of clothing my children much easier!

clothing subscription service

What is Wee Blessings?

Wee Blessings is a shopping service that takes the stress of going store to store in order to find clothing in your child’s style that fits your budget. Think of it as a clothing subscription service but with custom picks to fit your child perfectly. Your stylist learns about your child and then they do the shopping FOR you. Packages are delivered straight to your door. You and your child pick what you like and send the rest back, free of charge. Now, Wee Blessing shops for the whole family (even pregnant mamas!)!

What Do I Do to Get Started?

First, you will fill out a questioner all about your child (or anyone you are getting a clothing subscription service for). It will ask you questions about their favorite styles, colors, sports teams, favorite animals, etc. It will also give you a place to add any additional likes and dislikes your child may have.

clothing subscription service

For example, my son is small. His legs are very skinny. Because his legs are skinny, he doesn’t like for his pants to be baggy in the legs. It’s embarrassing to him to have them look big. I made sure I made a note on the questioner about that in particular. He also loves joggers. I noted that and they made sure they sent a pair of joggers. They did! I also let them know that my son was crazy about marine life. Notice one of the shirts they sent had sharks all over it. I made sure I told them about him being a soccer and basketball junkie. Look back at the clothing they sent. It was PERFECT for him!

clothing subscription service

Each month, Wee Blessing stylists shop for your child and mine. Blessing boxes are sent out monthly. You can choose to have a blessing box sent to you monthly or quarterly. They will send you four outfits in each box.

What If I Don’t Like Something or It Doesn’t Fit?

You can choose to keep them all, keep some, or send them all back within 10 days. You just pay for what you keep! Each piece of clothing is 40-60% off the retail price! If you choose to keep all four outfits, you get 10% off your total!!

clothing subscription service

I have received several Wee Blessing boxes and have never had a single item that we didn’t like. Everything has fit perfectly and been given two thumbs up by mom and child! Since the stylists learn so much about your child, they nail it! I make sure I add comments in the comment box about any additional information. Take advantage of that box! It will help the stylist make successful choices!

clothing subscription service

Go to Wee Blessing’s website HERE and it will walk you through everything step by step.

Save time, frustration, AND money with a Wee Blessing clothing subscription service.

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