Clever Ways to Organize Your Living Space

Organize Your Living Space

Clever Ways To Organize Living Space

You’re not a messy person, and you declutter your house often enough. Regardless of that, it seems there’s not enough space for all your stuff. Don’t despair just yet. You just need to get creative a bit and new space will appear from nowhere. Below are some useful tips on organizing tiny living space.

Use the space under the stairs

You’ve probably never thought about that. You may set up your home office under your staircase. That space was there the whole time but it looked as it was unusable. Put your desk underneath the stairway and you’ll get new room instantly.

Organize Your Living Space

Compact furniture

If you lack space in your house, make sure to use two-in-one furniture. That way, you can have the coffee table and the hidden compartment below. You can use those drawers for storing magazines, documentation, and mail. There are compact options for bedrooms as well since your bed can become a shelf or it can disappear into the wall.

Open up your kitchen

If your kitchen is tiny, make sure to avoid cupboards and cabinets. You should use open shelves instead. That way, your kitchen will look open, more spacious and you’ll be able to show off your precious dishes.

Organize Your Living Space

Make more office space

Use one of your free closets to remodel it into compact office space. Once you’re done with the work, you may just close the door and your tiny office will disappear immediately. Most of the stuff you had in that closet probably haven’t been used in a long time. Don’t feel sorry to get rid of it.

Rearrange your books

When living in a tiny house, one has to think vertically. Make yourself some book towers and save a lot of space. Besides, it’s an original way to show off your favorite titles. If you have too many books and they are just taking too much space, you should consider storing them somewhere outside your home. Today, there are many mobile storage services available and the best thing about them is that you can keep the storage unit in your backyard or have your books stored in a warehouse.

Organize Your Living Space

Kitchen storage room

Let’s say you have another spare closet near the kitchen. You can easily change it into the pantry. Go ahead and move all unneeded kitchen items there. Once needed, they’ll be at your fingertips.

Install loft bed

Putting a loft bed in your children’s room will open up so much space, and your kids will be grateful for the new cool addition in their room. With the bed above the floor, you’ll have a chance to set a sitting area there, or just put another desk in the spare area.

Organize Your Living Space

Another office idea

If you’re unable to give up of closet space, you may use the bedroom wardrobe for creating new office space. It works the same as the closet mentioned above. Once you’ve finished your work, you can just close it and you’ll be back home.

Bicycle shelf

Yeah, the big bike in the small apartment. That’s a tough one, you’ll say. Doesn’t have to be. Just use your creativity and make a shelf where you can attach your bike and lift it off the floor and out of the way. The top surface of the shelf can be used for other items.

Organize Your Living Space

Revive bunk beds

Who said that old ideas don’t work? With installing a bunk bed in children’s room, you’ll use just one corner and you can stagger three or even four beds there. With beds piled up in one part of the room, your kids will have plenty of room to play.

Use the walls

Every single door can become a shelf. With using over-the-door organizers you’ll be able to store anything you want. Those organizers can be used for shoes, toys, cleaning supplies, various tools. Just name it.

Organize Your Living Space

Living in the small apartment or a house doesn’t have to be frustrating. Yes, it may seem that there is not enough space for all your stuff, but with some organizing skills and new ideas, you’ll be able to work it out. Once you’ve opened some new space in your home, it will look more comfortable and you’ll feel relaxed and fulfilled.

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  1. Surprised you said to get a storage building/unit for your books. Most people say get rid of them. That would be hard for me

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