Clean ANYTHING, ANYWHERE With STEVA+ Steamer Vacuum Combo

 Cleaning Just Got Easier With the STEVA+ Steamer Vacuum Combo

I’m one of those people who actually loves to clean. Cleaning has always been kind of a therapy for me. I may or may not have done a happy dance when the delivery guy rang the doorbell with my nugeni STEVA+. I think anyone would get excited about the STEVA+ or maybe I’m just that “over the top” with cleaning gadgets. I’m sure once you hear about all the bells and whistles this steamer vacuum combo has, you will see why all the excitement.

Steamer Vacuum Combo

If you are like me and love cleaning, you will be living the dream with the nugeni STEVA+ Steamer Vacuum combo. If you aren’t thrilled with cleaning, you might begin to love it when you see how much simpler cleaning is with the STEVA+. Get rid of all the harmful chemicals and let STEVA+ do the work. Literally, you will not believe how little the amount of work you will have to put into cleaning with the awesome 4-in-1 STEVA+. It does the work for you! 

Steamer Vacuum Combo

4-in-1 STEVA+ by nugeni

  • Handheld Vacuum
  • Upright Vacuum
  • Steam Mop
  • Mobile Steamer

Not only is the STEVA+ a 4-in-1 but it also comes with any and all attachments you could want! Seriously, look at all of this!

Steamer Vacuum Combo

All the accessories fit nicely inside the provided bag.

Steamer Vacuum Combo

STEVA+ Vacuum 

Have a mess of loose dirt, cereal, or even sawdust? The STEVA+ Vacuum will take care of it. The vacuum can be used as an upright vacuum or a lightweight handheld…. and it is CORDLESS! I love how it has the Allergy Aware filter to trap all the small particles that normally a vacuum would kick back up into the air. For someone like myself who has bad allergies and allergy induced asthma, the Allergy Aware is a big deal!

Steamer Vacuum Combo

One of my biggest pet peeves is CORDS. I am always seeming to yank the plug straight out of the wall when I would vacuum with my old vacuum. There is NEVER enough cord in a vacuum. The STEVA+ is a cordless vacuum that does not sacrifice power. I can vacuum my entire house without having to plug, unplug, and plug again! Carpet or wood flooring, STEVA+ has got you covered.

Steamer Vacuum Combo

My husband installed a new over the range microwave this week. He had to drill some extra holes which meant… sawdust… in my kitchen cabinet!! The STEVA+ handheld vacuum cleaned that mess up REAL quick!

Steamer Vacuum Combo

STEVA+ Steamer

Harmful chemicals? NO WAY! Save time, money, and your health by switching from a bucket full of chemicals to the STEVA+ Steamer. The steamer will clean and sanitize anything… and EVERYthing without leaving a chemical odor behind! All it uses is regular tap water. That is IT! I have seriously cleaned blinds, everything in the bathroom, floors, and even a grill! 

Steamer Vacuum Combo

The STEVA+ is so easy to use. I can vacuum my floors and then quickly swap out to mop them! The steamer blasts away dirt and grime without all the elbow grease! 

Steamer Vacuum Combo

STEVA+ not only cleans but it also declutters by emptying out the cleaning closet to replace all cleaning sprays, mop, bucket, broom, dustpan, and larger vacuum with the STEVA+. STEVA+ will do it ALL and have your house clean and sanitized in no time!

Find out more about the STEVA+ by nugeni HERE!

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