I’ll Be Next Door for Christmas Movie

Family-Friendly Christmas Movie

Finding a Christmas movie that is appropriate for all ages while still be entertaining for the older kids and adults, can be a little difficult to find. I’ll Be Next Door for Christmas had a great way of making the movie entertaining for ALL ages. Be prepared to laugh while watching this funny Christmas Movie! It will be available digitally on December 4th!

Christmas movie

Experience the holiday season in a whole new way with I’ll Be Next Door for Christmas. Starring Juliette Angelo (TV’s “Mad Men”), Beth Littleford (TV’s “The Daily Show”), Jonathan Mangum (TV’s “Let’s Make a Deal”), Nicole Sullivan (TV’s “MADtv”, “The King of Queens”), and the absolutely adorable feline sensation Lil BUB (Nine Lives), the film is a heartwarming comedy that reminds viewers that Christmas is all about spending time with family (even if they drive you crazy). The world’s first Christmas movie to use investment crowdfunding successfully, I’ll Be Next Door for Christmas will be available for the suggested retail price of $12.99.


The Story Line of I’ll Be Next Door for Christmas

I’ll Be Next Door For Christmas is a warmhearted, upbeat comedy feature film about a family that’s crazy for Christmas. Except for the 16-year-old daughter – her family’s over-the-top Christmas celebrations have made her life miserable. When her out-of-state boyfriend decides to visit at Christmas, she’s determined to spare him her family’s Christmas craziness, so she hires actors to play her parents and stages a fake Christmas dinner in the empty house next door. What could possibly go wrong? 

christmas movie

My 15-year-old, 11-year-old, and 5-year-old all laughed throughout this movie. We had a little sickness in our home over Thanksgiving and wound up stuck in the house instead of visiting family during my children’s Thanksgiving break. I was more than pleased to preview a movie for all of us to pile up on the couch and watch as a family. I highly recommend I’ll Be Next Door for Christmas!! 

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5 thoughts on “I’ll Be Next Door for Christmas Movie

  1. This is the perfect movie for my mother to watch and get her Christmas mood started. My mom is 88 and she loves Christmas

  2. This is the type of Christmas movie my wife loves to watch, funny and interesting. This will make a perfect Christmas gift.

  3. Enjoyed a Christmas move the whole family could watch togeather and laugh and enjoy by all

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