Romance-Comedy Christmas Movie – Holly Star

Holly Star Christmas Movie

In our family, there are plenty of Christmas traditions. From baking cookies to decorating the tree, to hot chocolate, we love this time of year! When all the family is together, one of our favorite things to do is watch Christmas movies! While we love the classics, we are always looking for a new one to add to our collection. We sure found a star this year!
In the movie Holly Star, Sloane, a puppeteer who’s career has suddenly and unexpectantly come to an end, finds her way back to her hometown for the Christmas holiday.

Christmas movie

Once she arrives home she finds her parents will not be home to celebrate with her. With the help of her grandmother and her paintball crazed best friend, she begins to recall a faint and distant memory of Christmas past that sets her off on a journey to figure out what happened and fill in all the blanks! This fun-filled adventure leads Sloane looking for a part-time job while she is in town with her childhood sweetheart.

Filled in with lots of laughs, a little romance, and a cast of characters that we all can relate to, Holly Star has a great flow with a heartwarming story that all ages can enjoy!  Holly Star is rated PG and is available now! Check out the trailer below and go watch on digitally or through Video on Demand today!


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