Christmas Ideas for Kids Ages 3-5

Christmas Ideas for Kids Ages 3-5

Christmas Ideas for Kids

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Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad 

The Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad makes tracing lines easy to see with its evenly lit surface. There are 10 tracing sheets included, and 100’s more are available for download, so you’ll never have a shortage of ideas. The included 12 short Crayola colored pencils make coloring and embellishing smooth and easy. This is great for use as a travel activity and it is perfect for gifting.

Winning Moves Husker Du? 

Matching games is one of the best ways for a child to increase their memory. Husker Du?, made by Winning Moves Games, is a newer, more vibrant matching game that kids will love. Learning to take turns and even how to lose a game is vital for a child to learn at a young age. On top of increasing their memory and learning to take turns, children will increase their knowledge of colors, shapes, and object recognition while playing Husker Du?.

Froggy’s Lair 

Whether your home is full of pets or if you are looking for your very first pet, you must consider your family’s needs along with their wishes. Sure, a dog may be loads of fun but they are also loads of work. Maybe a frog is a better option for a busy family or for extending your number of pets. Froggy’s Lair offers a complete biosphere and even ships African Dwarf Frog directly to your home. There is VERY little care needed for your frogs but the frogs provide some great entertainment. Only requiring feeding once a week and a tank that cleans itself with no electricity used (read more about how a biosphere works) makes it an incredible gift for any home!

SmartMax My First Safari Animals 

SmartMax My First Safari Animals is an 18 piece set that enables kids to create six different animals. The pieces are large, soft and perfectly sized for little hands. They click together easily to the magnetic bars and kids can mix and match them into wild new animals of their own creation.

COSMO Smartwatch 

The COSMO Smartwatch for Kids is a kid’s wearable device through which you can send messages or make voice and video calls to your kids whenever you want. It also has a kid’s GPS tracker installed in it, which works across the USA. This affordable kid’s watch is durable, won’t break easily, is waterproof and has good battery life. Your child will love the watch, and you will love the safety features it offers to help keep your child safe.

Illustory My Comic Book 

Encourage your children’s love for drawing, storytelling and comics with the award winning My Comic Book – Create Your Own Comic Book. This is a complete kit that lets children write, illustrate and publish their very own comic book. Watch their imagination come to life as they fill the pages of their comic book with their own characters and adventures, creating a fun and lasting keepsake.

Crayola Washable Paint Stampers 

This Washable Paint Stampers set from Crayola comes with everything you need to create your very own stamp art. It’s fun and simple for kids to use and the paints easily wash from skin and most washable clothing. With 5 paints, 18 stamps and 3 stencils, you can let your imagination take over to create your own stamp art masterpieces!

SmartMax My First Animal Train 

SmartMax My First Animal Train is a 22 piece set that, when correctly assembled, will create a full, moving 4 car train along with two animals. The large, soft pieces easily click together on the magnetic bars. The oversize train components are simple to build and play with, providing hours of play and story value.

Ravensburger Magna-Tiles Treasure Hunt 

Magna-Tiles Treasure Hunt from Ravensburger combines the power of play with hands on learning and creativity. Children get to collect golden coins in Jungle Treasure, act like a monkey in Island Race and they get to create their own game by making new rules. Recommended for age 3+, this is a great first game that will grow with your child while encouraging fine motor skills, imagination, social development and much more!

BRIO World Action Tunnel Travel Set 

The BRIO Smart Tech Sound Action Tunnel Travel Set is a 37 piece interactive toy train set for kids age 3+. The battery-powered Record & Play Engine communicates with its surroundings and automatically responds to Smart Tech accessories with multicolor lights, motion, and sounds. The engine has a unique response to each Action Tunnel, and you can program the track any way you want to, creating your own World Adventure.

Basic Fun Care Bears Medium Plush 

Give your child a little piece of nostalgia this year with Basic Fun’s Care Bear Plush. How many of us who are parents now, had a Care Bear plush or other Care Bear toys growing up?! I think it’s so neat when I can see a toy I had as a child and buy the same type of toy for my daughter for her to enjoy just like I did. The Care Bears Medium Plush is 14” in height. Each Care Bear Plush comes with a special coin for children to collect, trade, or give to someone special.

Basic Fun Lite-Brite Ultimate Classic 

Precious memories as a child are now being shared with our children. Basic Fun pulls toys from the past and offers them as new toys for the children of today. Lite-Brite Ultimate Classic is a true blast from the past that Basic Fun has available. Let your children’s creativity soar while making their own Lite-Brite creation on this new, bigger screen. Each kit comes with the Lite-Brite screen equipped with brighter LED bulbs (capable of being lit in four different ways), 200 colored pegs, and six templates. The new Lite-Brite doesn’t require paper as the old ones did. 

Dr. STEM Toys Talking Cash Register 

The Ben Franklin Toys Talking Cash Register is a huge play set that includes a large electronic cash register, play bills and coins, debit card, receipts, and an open/closed sign. It holds life size real money or play money (so kids learn the real value of a dollar). and has three languages to choose from (English, French and Spanish). This is a great gift idea for boys and girls of all ages.

Pea Pod Playtime Sets 

The Pea Pod Babies Dinner & Bath Time Play Set and the Pea Pod Babies Giant Play Set are great gift ideas for girls and boys. Pea Pod Babies are cute, magical little babies waiting inside a magical Pea Pod. Each Pea Pod contains three cylinders: one holds accessories, one holds clothing, and the third one holds your surprise baby inside. There are 24 babies to collect, plus six rare and one ultra-rare set of twins. Each one is unique in color, shape and personality. Each Pea Pod Baby comes with a Birth Certificate and collector card that tells you all about your new little baby.

SmartMax StartPlus

SmartMax StartPlus includes 30 colorful, oversized pieces that enable young children to explore magnetism safely. The pieces are made from the highest quality materials and feature unique color codes: cold colored bars (blue, green, purple) attract warm colored bars (red, orange, yellow) and vice versa. All SmartMax products include complete, colorful guides with both product information and sample designs. All parts can be combined with all existing SmartMax sets, creating an endless range of possibilities!

School Zone 

School Zone offers some of the world’s best educational products for kids in grades Pre-K through 6. They offer many at-home learning materials to supplement your child’s classroom instruction. These learning materials include workbooks, flashcards, tablets, accessories, toys & games, books, music, and a subscription-based online educational platform called “Anywhere Teacher”. Whether your child needs more practice in certain areas, or you just want to give him a head start on learning, School Zone has the products to help you. Shown in the image above are the Jaz’s Preschool Learning Pack, Oba’s Kindergarten Learning Pack, and Lily’s PlayTime Learning Pack. There are many other School Zone products!

Le Van Toys Africa Stacker and Bag 

The Africa Stacker & Cotton Bag from Le Toy Van will assist early development skills through building and balancing the animals. This stacking toy features 9 wild wooden animals including a giraffe, a lion, an elephant, a zebra, a monkey, a rhino, a cheetah, a crocodile, a parrot and a fabric bag to take the stacker with you on the move. This toy is plastic free and decorated with safe, non-toxic paints, and is safety tested for children age 18 months and up.

BubbleBum Booster

Booster Seat Giveaway

How many times have you dropped your child off at preschool only to realize that you forgot to leave a booster seat for your parents or friend who is picking them up? What about the times you have wanted to go into the city in a taxi but didn’t want to risk riding around without a booster seat for your child, yet didn’t want to lug around a booster seat while you were sightseeing? BubbleBum Booster is a perfect accessory to have on hand. It inflates and deflates super easy to make a sturdy, safe, yet collapsible booster to throw inside a book bag or purse!

KOOKAMUNGA KIDS Rainbow Reversible Doll Pram with Diaper Bag 

If you’re in the mood for a leisurely stroll, take your baby doll along in this 2-in-1 Reversible Doll Pram with Diaper Bag. It has large foam wheels and an adjustable foam pusher to make it easy to push as your baby doll naps in the bassinet. Pull down the large retractable canopy to shade her from the sun. The bassinet can be converted into a forward-facing or a backward-facing pram in seconds, or you can lift it out completely and use it as a carrycot! It comes with a matching diaper bag to carry all of the things you might need for your baby doll while you’re out. And there’s a large shopping basket as well.

Basic Fun Cutetitos Pizzaitos 

Pizza, yum. Cutetitos Pizzaitos, cute! Combining a love for pizza and a cute stuffed animal, Cutetitos has hit it out of the park for pizza-loving children. Collect all 12 Cutetitos for a cheesier Christmas. Stuffed animals are hidden inside a pizza. Unroll the pizza to find out what stuffed creature is hiding inside. These are great for a travel companion or a friend to sleep with at night.

Basic Fun Pound Puppies 

Boy, oh boy! This brings back some great childhood memories! Pound Puppies are BACK for your children to enjoy, the same way you did when you were little!! They look and feel just like the ones you played with as a child. Adopt a pound puppy today and give your child lasting memories!

Le Van Toys Wooden Blocks and Bag 

The 60 Piece Building Blocks & Cotton Bag from Le Toy Van is a timeless classic. This is a plastic free toy that is made from sustainable Rubberwood and decorated with water based, chip resistant paint to ensure the bright colours remain in pristine condition withstanding years of play. It’s designed with safe, smooth edges and is safety tested for children age 12 months and up.

Basic Fun Care Bears Unlock the Magic Interactive Figures 

Another toy based on the classic cartoon series, Care Bears. Care Bear toys are back and better than ever through Basic Fun. Each Unlock the Magic Interactive Figures have over 50 different interactions to unlock by the touch of your hand. They will sing to you, tell you jokes, share their feelings, say funny phrases, move and their bellies even light up! All you have to do is touch their paws, nose, or belly. Unlock the Magic interactive Figures can be used during one on one play or you can use them with other friends and other bears for group play.

Kookamunga Kids 16” Interactive Baby Expressions Doll 

Kookamunga Kids’ 16″ Interactive Baby Expressions Doll has so many realistic features and functions that it’s easy to imagine that it’s a real baby girl. She makes real baby sounds that are just too cute! She comes with a bottle and a pacifier, and will actually open and close her mouth and eyes as she sucks on them. If you lay her on her back, she’ll cry! But you will have fun soothing her with a bottle until she falls asleep. And once you get her to sleep, you can watch and feel her tummy move up and down as she breathes.

Enno Vatti 100 Kids Movies 

I love the concept of the Top 100 Kids Movies Poster by Enno Vatti. It’s like a giant scratch-off ticket with ten rows of ten squares that are covered with a scratch-off gold foil layer. Each square has the title of a kids movie printed above it – movies that are loved by children and their parents worldwide…from 20th Century classics to their modern remakes, as well as award-winning animation.

KOOKAMUNGA KIDS Rainbow Doll Jogger Stroller 

Being a “Mommy” doesn’t mean that you have to give up your active lifestyle. Take your baby doll out for a jog with this Doll Jogger Stroller. You’ll love the blue rainbow fabric. The large foam wheels and comfortable pink foam on the handle make pushing this a breeze! It’s extremely lightweight and has swiveling front wheels, making it easy to maneuver. And you can shade your baby doll from the sun with the retractable canopy.

ThinkFun My First Rush Hour Game 

ThinkFun’s My First Rush Hour is a maze challenge game for ages 3 and up. Children place the pieces on the spots where the interchangeable game board has them laid out. After setting up the game board, players have to find the way for the red vehicle to get out of the maze and down the ramp.

Basic Fun Cutetitos Taste Budditos 

Best friends are the BEST! What is even cuter than one Cutetitos?! Two Cutetitos BFF’s! Children can experience the best friend bond that is shared between the Cutetitos set. You have heard the term, “We go together like macaroni and cheese” and we are “two peas in a pod”. Cutetitos Taste Budditos combine both of those phrases into one with “Macaroni” and “Cheese” mini Cutetitos that roll into either their own “pod” (blanket) or into a “pod” together (combining the two blankets to make one). Experience friendship with Basic Fun’s Cutetitos Taste Budditos.


As children grow, they are often unsure of what to do with their feelings. Emotions can be pretty big for a child. Learning all about those different emotions is very important for children to learn at a very early age. Giving them ways to act out their feelings or even the feelings of those around them can help them cope and handle those big feelings in days, weeks, and even years ahead. Whatsitsface stuffed animals have six different faces all available at the twist of a knob on the top of the animal’s head. This gives children a way to story tell or role play with the faces that most depict how they (or the character in their story) are feeling.

Bright Stripes iHeartArt

Do you have a little artist on your Christmas list this year? The Bright Stripes iHeartArt art packs make a perfect, complete gift. Inside every art pack is everything your little artist needs to let their artsy side be unleashed. Each pack comes with a techniques guide so they can learn something new. It also has the paper art pad and art supplies included. Whether your child is one who loves to paint, glitter everything up, or draw with gel pens, there is a pack perfect for them!

Kookamunga Kids Unicorn Doll Car Seat & Carrier

The 3-in-1 Doll Car Seat and Carrier is the perfect way to keep your baby doll secure and safe. The handle moves forward or backward to make it easy to put her in the seat or to take her out of it. And the seat can also be used as a feeding chair or a rocker! The headrest and the straps are padded and it has a 3 point harness, to provide comfort and safety for your baby doll.

eCreamery Humorous Holiday Collection and Santa’s Sweet Treat Collection

The taste of Christmas!! eCreamery’s Humorous Collection is everything you could dream of. Christmas flavored ice cream shipped directly to your front door! It is an ice cream lover’s dream. Some may have visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads but I know many who would dream of delicious flavors of ice cream instead. Get a box of four pints that include custom-churned ice cream flavors such as White Chocolate Peppermint Ice Cream with Chocolate Flakes (Be Naughty – Save Santa the Trip), Chocolate Cake Ice Cream with Fudge Swirls & Brownie Bites (Oh Fudge!), Vanilla Ice Cream with Toffee Crunch (Jingle All the Way), and Sea Salt Caramel Brownie Ice Cream (Naughty, Nice, I tried).

Or, maybe you want to try out the Santa’s Sweet Treat Collection which not only offers ice cream but also a box of delicious cookies! They are great for parties, gifts, or even just a special treat to snuggle up next to the fire and indulge. You sure can’t beat getting ice cream delivered straight to your door. (And if your kids are like mine, they will enjoy some science experiments with the dry ice).

Les Deglingos Hippo and Llama 

Maybe your little ones are a stuffed animal junkie like my daughter is. She has her bed full and a net full of stuffed animals. The Les Deglingos stuffed animals are a huge hit with both my daughter and even myself. The quality of the plush animals makes mom happy but the feel of them is an even bigger draw for my daughter! Les Deglingos offers a good variety of animals. Each animal comes inside a very sturdy cylinder with a slit at the top. This makes for an excellent bank or just a home for your little creature! Check out all the different animals available from Les Deglingos.

Feltman Brothers Carly Doll, Bishop Smocked Doll Dress, and Vintage Brush 

Absolutely precious! That is the best way I can describe the Feltman Brothers Carly Doll. She is a very lifelike with even tiny little fingernails (even the thin white tip at the top of every fingernail) just like a real baby. Her real brown hair and beautiful deep brown eyes will have that special little girl brushing her hair with the Feltman Brothers Vintage Brush and getting her all dressed for that “special occasion” with her Bishop Smocked Doll Dress. Carly looks so realistic! The little girl on your Christmas list is sure to enjoy rocking and singing her to sleep and forgetting that she is “just a doll”. She even comes with her very own birth certificate. Feltman Brothers also sell a selection of other dolls, clothing, and accessories.

KOOKAMUNGA KIDS Unicorn Doll 2-in-1 Shopping Cart 

The Kookamunga Kids’ Unicorn Doll 2-in-1 Shopping Cart makes it easy to take your baby doll along with you. The perfectly pink shopping cart has a built-in seat where your doll can sit. The seat has an adorable unicorn pattern on it. It has wheels that swivel, just like a real shopping cart does and the basket can be removed and carried like a handheld shopping basket, thanks to the attached handles. The handlebar is covered with soft foam, making it safe and comfortable for little hands.

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