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John Boos Block iBlock Pro Cutting Board

butcher block

Be still my heart. I am a sucker for a pretty cutting board. Give me one that’s super functional AND pretty, and we have a winner! The John Boos Block will service my kitchen for years to come. The design is well thought out, giving a space for me to place my tablet as I’m reading my latest “must try” Pinterest recipe. I do believe this little baby will be the envy of my kitchen for family get togethers this Christmas!

My Ever Map

In a style you love, you can create a beautiful 18 x 24 map of a special place you’ve loved or come to love. My Ever Map is a custom map from the makers of Night Sky that comes with the ability to write something personal and special to the person receiving this gift! Want to remember the special place you got engaged or maybe your own hometown? Make it a statement in your home with My Ever Map.

Classic Gray with White Frame – 10×10 Inch Felt Letter Board – Easel Stand, 340 Letters and Storage Bag Included

I feel like I’m channeling my inner Joanna with this sweet letter board. Call me crazy but I have secretly been coveting the one in her office since I first saw it! I love how versatile these cute boards are. I can leave a message for the hubs or kids or wish all who enter a glad tiding. I’m loving this board so so much. I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t just adore this gift! The possibilities are endless for where you can use this fashionable Felt Letter Board.

CDN 4-Event Timer & Clock

Looking for a stocking stuffer for your foodie? Here you go! Every kitchen needs one of these timers. You can carry it in your pocket, stick it in the fridge, or set it at your desk while you work! I love the versatility this Timer and Clock from CDN offers!

Stuck in Glass Pint Cups

Wanting to impress the boss? How about a creative designed glass for drinks or can even be used for a unique conversation piece in their office. Each cup is handmade and show plenty of character. You can choose between cups embedded with dice, a ninja star, a bullet, and many more!

Amber Personal Hybrid Cloud

Let’s face it, with the ease of taking photos on our phones, we have more photos and videos that we ever have before. Yet because we do it digitally and never print them out they are more at risk than ever of being lost forever. I mean who doesn’t know someone who, in a quick moment, had a phone destroyed along with all the data on it as well! Not to mention sharing them can be a little difficult too depending on the file size. Sure there are cloud services available but with an ever-growing list of attacks by hackers who wants to risk losing your memories of some of life’s most precious moments?

The Amber Personal Hybrid Cloud is the perfect solution. Featuring up to 4 TB of memory, the Amber Personal Hybrid Cloud serves as a personal and private home network cloud. With end to end encryption and automatic software updates, your memories are safe. What makes it even more amazing is that you choose who and when to share your photos with from anywhere in the world!

The Amber Personal Hybrid Cloud also features face recognition to help keep your photos organized or to find that one photo you are looking for!

Life happens fast. Don’t miss the memories and certainly don’t risk losing them. Let the Amber Personal Hybrid Cloud secure your memories.

Zendure A8QC External Battery

Like most families today, we are always on the go. Whether kids sports games, trips to the grandparents (5 hours away), camping or out recent family vacation on a cruise (yes I wish I was still there) we are just busy. We love taking photos and videos with our phones and our kids always have their devices handy to play a game, watch a movie, or chat with friends.

The Zendure A8QC External Battery has been a game-changer for our family! When we start packing one of the first things we make sure we have is this battery! This battery can charge not one but 4 devices at one time! With a family of 5, it takes away the arguments of who gets to charge next!

What I love most is how much power and how quick this battery is. It can charge a smartphone from 0 to 80% in 35 minutes. It can also charge them multiple times. For example, on a full charge, the Zendure A8QC External Battery can charge an iPhone 8 10.5 times!

Living where we do, we can get ice in the winter and occasionally hurricanes in the summer. In addition to being a must-have when we travel, this battery is part of our emergency plan for those times we lose power. We have been a couple of days without power and thanks to the Zendure A8QC External Battery have been able to stay connected with our phones to let our family know we were ok.

So whether you are on the go or preparing for those times when electricity is just out of reach, the Zendure A8QC External Battery is the perfect solution to keep your family charged and ready for all your adventures! 

Sage Owl Grill Scraper

I love grilling out! The smell of a nice marinated steak rolling off the grill is just one of life’s simple pleasures. The part I don’t like is cleaning the grill afterward. It can be a dirty greasy job! Plus using the wire brushes we have been accustomed to could put our family or friends in danger should a bristle fall out and we miss it. The Sage Owl Grill Scraper is the perfect solution. It comes in either brass or stainless steel and also two different sizes so that any grill can be easily cleaned by hand without the mess! Need a little extra leverage? No worries just attach the optional handle and you are good to go! The Sage Owl Grill Scraper makes it so easy to keep your grill clean and ready for the next cookout!

Precious Moments Merry Moments Snowman Cookie Jar

Useful Christmas decorations are top on my list. I, like many, don’t have a ton of room for Christmas decorations aside from the basic tree and stockings. This Snowman Cookie Jar is absolutely adorable but also very useful. Christmas is the season that more cookies are made than the rest of the year combined. We are replacing our everyday cookie jar with the Merry Moments Snowman Cookie Jar. It uses the same amount of space but adds a Christmas touch to the kitchen. The lid of the jar is sealed so it is far more than just decor! Now, I better get to work making a fresh batch of cookies to add to this Snowman Cookie Jar!

Ozeri 5 Piece Knife and Sharpener Set

Here’s a great set of knives for the chef in your family! Made with high quality and attention to detail, this 5 piece knife, and sharpener set from Ozeri will last for years. These will be great for those hard to buy for parents, newlyweds, or your best buddy. These hand-crafted stainless steel knives are a must-have this Christmas season!



I know I’m not the only mama to go to charge my phone to find my charger missing… NO MORE! Those little humans I’ve raised lose their charger and what do they do? They “borrow” mom’s charger. Not anymore they don’t. USBThere has had my cries (maybe screams but hey…) and delivered me a lock for my charger! They only thing that would make this lock any better would be a camera on it so I can see there look of confusion when they can’t “borrow” mom’s charger anymore! Thank you, USBThere!

Sleep Mantra 100% Silk Pillowcases

Do you have or have you ever had silk pillowcases? Well, let me just say, I never have until now and the difference is incredible! 100% silk is great for your hair and looks great on the bed since they are wrinkle-free!

California Design Den 400-Thread-Count Sheet Sets 

There is just something about climbing between silky sheets on what I call a “new sheet night”. You know the day, the one that you get to wash your sheets AND shower before getting between them. Ahhh!! doesn’t happen often for this mama but when it does… ahhhh. With these sheets from California Design Den, every night can be a “new sheet night”. Super soft and comfy sheets just help you rest better! Treat yourself to a good night’s rest this busy Christmas season and get your loved ones a set while you’re at it!

California Design King Duvet Cover Set

I’m in love with this Duvet Cover from California Design. It’s calming white color and the ultra-soft fabric is the perfect addition to my new sheets from California Design! Snuggling up under a comfy warm duvet is the perfect way to spend evenings during this busy (and cold) holiday season. 

Packbands Adjustable Straps 3-Pack and 6-Pack

No more tangled heaps of drop cords or Christmas lights in this house! Packbands are a game changer! I love getting gifts that are useful and I’m married to Mr. Organization, so I do believe we have found ourselves a winner! Every year as I’m sitting on the floor untangling 10,000 lights for the Christmas tree, I vow, things will be different when I take down the decorations this year. But something magical happens in those few weeks and I forget the struggle. Not this year! Packbands are going to save my sanity!

Capabunga Cheese Vault & Bread Cap    

Constantly have your cheese and bread drying out on the ends? Well, Capabunga may have just what you need. A cheese vault to protect your cheese from drying out and spoiling before you even get to eat it all? Experts agree that storing your cheese in saran wrap is the worst possible way you can store your cheese. Cheese needs to breathe. So, give it some breathing room and enjoy your cheese a little longer with the food-grade silicone cheese vault. Did you know that the crust protects the moisture levels inside your bread? So, when you cut the end off the bread, it will dry out and mold quicker. Use a bread cap to act as a crust and protect the bread!

First Saturday Lime  

Spring will be here before you know it. Mosquitos and other pesky insects will be creating some real aggravation before you know it. Gardens will be planted. Your pets and children will be spending more time outside. So, what can be done about those nasty bugs that would also be safe for your family, pets, and garden? First Saturday Lime! Available in 5 or 20 lb bags, First Saturday Lime treats ants, fleas, ticks, lice, mites, aphids, small hive beetles, mosquitoes in water and more. It also can be used for control of algae growth in water bowls, pans, troughs, bird baths, and more. Go ahead and get ahead of the bugs with First Saturday Lime.

Topsy Turkey

I make a turkey that everyone in my family (and even some friends) beg for. This year, I’m upping my game with Topsy Turkey. Topsy Turkey allows the turkey to rest at an angle that will keep juices and flavorings inside the turkey. I can’t wait to hear how much more my family brags in my Turkey after this year!

YETI Camino Carryall

If a girl’s best friend is a diamond, I believe YETI has stolen the hearts of our guys. With the quality we’ve all come to expect from Yeti, this bag is so versatile and a must for my on the go middle child. He’s my child that could find dirt or mud anywhere at any time. Sending a clean set of clothes when he goes off has become a way of life. He’s 14… I truly thought we had outgrown this stage 10 years ago. I stand corrected. This YETI Camino Carryall will keep his clean clothes clean until he needs them and he can store his muddy clothes INside the bag and not on the tan seats in my car. THANK YOU, YETI!

Campbell’s Soup Can Safe 

Oh my goodness. I’m seriously gushing over the cuteness of this safe. It’s so cute and an absolutely brilliant idea to hide valuables in. Seriously, who would think to toss the cans in the pantry? At a great price point, you can order these for several people on your list.

Zoku Nesting Container Set of 7

Preparing lunches ahead has never been easier! This Neat Stack from Zoku is changing the way we do lunches in a major way. Packing lunches is one of my dreaded chores when school starts every August. So many times I’m zapped by the time bedtime comes so I put off packing lunches till morning only to find the morning is worse than the previous evening… it’s a terrible cycle. No more with these storage containers. Packing leftovers is a breeze and my mornings are now bearable.

Zoku Easy Clean Flip Gulp

What is about cute drinking cups that call our name? We have a cabinet full of water bottles and “special cups” that haven’t lived up to the hype they came with. This super cute Flip Gulp from Zoku can stand tall in my cabinet! Great quality with all of the cuteness we crave. The little lady of the house is going to LOVE pulling this cup out of her stocking this year!

Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher Removes Fluoride

Are you tired of the lead and fluoride in your water? Are you on city water and can taste the nasty chemicals anytime you drink water? I am sure you would drink a lot more water if it tasted cleaner. The Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher is for YOU! Keep a fresh pitcher of water in your fridge to pour at any time for you or your company. Each filter lasts an average of three to four months, making it a great solution over purchasing gallon jugs of water every single week. The LED timer that is built into the lip will remind you when it is time to change the filter so that you never have to taste dirty water again!

The Best Messless Chocolate Milk Mixing Mug

What kid does not love chocolate milk? Now, with the Best Messless Chocolate Milk Mixing Mug, you and your child can enjoy chocolate milk! Kids are always messy but with this mug, there are no worries. The Best Messless Chocolate Milk Mixing Mug is drop safe, leak proof, and dishwasher safe! Just add your choice of chocolate mix, pour the milk, and enjoy! Let the Best Messless Chocolate Milk Mixing Mug do the mixing for you, without the mess!


Do you ever feel like you just want to refresh and shower after using the bathroom? With Tushy, get a clean bosom after each potty break! By attaching Tushy to the toilet and tapping into the water supply, Tushy allows you to get clean after every break to the bathroom. Tushy also sells bamboo towels and washcloths!

Resident James the Feathered Owl

Who is the artsy one in your family? Is it you, a sister or an aunt? If it’s you, what a fun gift to make and give to someone you love. If it’s not you, the resident has a wide variety of paper craft products that will wow anyone! Once you have the papercraft put together, hang it on the wall for a beautiful piece of 3D wall art.


Rinsing your pet, your child, or even just rinsing the shower after cleaning it can be a hassle. Detachable shower sprayers often result in water leaks from constantly pulling the sprayer off the wall. With Rinseroo, the extension comes off of the water spout, not the showerhead, making it much safer on the pipes! The attachment stretches easily to allow it to fit most fixtures yet it will close tightly to prevent any water from leaking. The Rinseroo makes rinsing the shampoo from a pet or small child’s hair so much easier!

JBL Playlist

In today’s world finding your favorite songs and creating a playlist has never been easier! With the JBL Playlist, you can hit a single button and Presto! Your favorite tunes begin to play! Using Google Chromecast enables you to use your phone to play pause or control the volume. With JBL you will enjoy crystal clear playback of all your favorite tunes.

Lucky Shot

My middle child is drooling over this stuff! If you have an outdoorsman – these are the PERFECT gifts for them. I know they can be hard to buy for but Lucky Shot is making your life MUCH easier. Choose from a variety of bullet themed gifts, using REAL bullets. 9mm bullet earplugs, 50 caliber bullet twist pen, and 12 gauge magnets are available, to name a few! I love these for stocking stuffers for a number of guys on my list!

JanieBee Nap Mat 

For those that read my blog often, you probably already know by now how much we absolutely LOVE JanieBee Nap Mats. They are a lifesaver for keeping normalcy for my daughter whether she is home or traveling. We just bring her bed with us everywhere. At home, she sleeps on her JanieBee Nap Mat on top of her mattress. Other times, she can bring it along to sleep on the floor at grandmas.

It is machine washable (just take the pillow insert out) which makes it ideal for even hotel stays. We can completely sanitize it as soon as we get back home. My daughter has had hers now for three years and truly loves her nap mat. We now have a spare for our foster kids that come and go. They are customizable with special monogramming.

Zak Dinnerware Set

Set the table in style this Christmas with this gorgeous dinnerware set from Zak. A beautifully set table is just the beginning of the memories that are made around the table. Some of my favorite memories from childhood were made around the dinner table. Now my kiddos can enjoy making memories while eating off of these fashionable plates! Beautiful color and super quality!

MyGoodLuckCharms – USB Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp 

The USB Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp by My Good Luck Charms is not just a decorative piece. Although it adds a calming feel to a room, the salt lamp will be sure to help your health as well. When the crystals are warmed, they release negative ions into the air which then neutralizes the positive ions. In turn, the salt lamp helps to purify the air and absorb moisture. Before long, you will notice a difference in your asthma, a boost in your immune system, and a positive flow of energy within your home. The USB Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp is a great gift idea for a parent, grandparent, or even your boss. (You can even splurge and buy one for yourself!)

ZizzyBee Bags

Stuff, Stuff everywhere is how I have felt lately. Fostering a newborn and having a daughter in 1st grade, a son in 7th, and another son as a junior in high school, makes our life have a lot of “stuff”. Our kids are all at different phases in life which requires a lot of organization. ZizzyBee Bags helps us eliminate some of the chaos in life! Baby’s must-have items like his nail clippers, nasal aspirator, an extra pacifier (why do they always disappear?), and a small bottle of lotion all get thrown in one ZizzyBee Bag and then into the diaper bag. We know exactly where it is at all times. The bags are washable which makes it really convenient to use when my boys use them to haul their pens and pencils for school. 

Zendure A2 External Battery

Got a tech-loving teen who drains the battery at the most inopportune times? Yeah, I’ve got a couple of those myself. Save your sanity and win “Best Mom of the Year” when they open these little gems! I have found the best way to my teen’s hearts is electronics and this external battery is going to earn me a bear hug this year for sure! No more – “Mooooommmm, my phone died. Now, what am I supposed to do? (Insert huge sigh and rolling eyes here.)” Nothing but peaceful rides and rainbow skies (hey – a mom can dream can’t she…?). 

Zak Toy Story Divider Plate, Thermos, and Mealtime Set

Toy Story fans!!! Get your kids excited about meal time with the Toy Story themed dinnerware set, divided plates, and stainless steel bottle. They will be sure to clear their plates to see Buzz, Woody, and friends! How about having a child sized bowl of popcorn while watching Toy Story? You KNOW your little one will love these products!  

Capresso Front Select

What’s one of the first things you think of when you think Christmas? Snow, Christmas decor, Frosty, Hot Chocolate… I love to curl up with my family with a good cup of hot chocolate and watch one of our favorite Christmas movies. This Frother from Capresso is going to make a fantastic addition to our family traditions. My eldest teenager LOVES to experiment in the kitchen. I can only imagine some of the delightful concoctions he’s going to introduce us to. What’s your favorite family traditions?

AnthroDesk: ErgoSpring Standing Desk Converter – Extra Wide 

Does your special someone or teenager come home complaining of an aching back from sitting all day, only to retire to a desk to finish what the day has leftover? This Standing Desk Converter from AnthroDesk is going to become their best friend. Moving on a regular basis while working helps on so many levels. It improves your oxygen level which improves your brain function. Looking for the gift that keeps giving… here it is. Your college student will never look back once they see the difference a desk can make.


I can still hear the clang of cast iron pots and pans in my grandma’s kitchen on Saturday morning. That clang was very much intentional trying to awaken the giggling girls that had kept her up the night before. We are using some of her cast iron pots still, 30+ years later. You can not beat the quality of good cast iron. Frieling’s Diamond Lite Pro Grilling Pan is going to wake my future grandbabies the same way, and I can’t wait! This is the perfect gift for just about anyone on your list; that aspiring chef you’re watching bloom, your niece getting married next spring, your son or daughter headed to college, or you can always slip it under the tree for yourself… I won’t tell if you don’t!

Quarto Knows Calendars

Life can be pretty hectic. Keeping organized may be top on your list for 2020. Quarto Knows has a great group of fun, new calendars that include September 2019 through December 2020. Choose between an adorable Llama Nation calendar, a mathematics calendar, a calendar full of Ford Mustangs for the car lover on your list, a calendar full of goats, and many other great calendars to choose from! Check out all the calendars available through Quarto Knows!


It isn’t glue. Really. It is better! Glue takes one object and sticks it to another object. Bondic bonds and becomes the object! Bondic restores and replaces. Unlike glue, it is water-resistant, heat-resistant, and even resistant against lubricants, acids, and oils. Bondic will bond, build, or fix anything in a matter of seconds. Do you have a broken necklace, broken glasses, or maybe even a leaky pipe? Bondic will become your best friend! Give it a try and don’t forget to buy some for dad for Christmas!

Kid Proof Fabric Treatment and Fabric Protection

kid proof

Unlike other protectants, Kid Proof doesn’t use fluorocarbons, acetone, or naphtha! This protectant utilizes nanotechnology to safely seal your cloth and leather seats. It even works just as well in your home on upholstery and carpets! Kid Proof also works for pet areas, or where your husband sits!

Simply Earth Subscription Box

essential oils box

I may or may not be an essential oil junkie. The healing powers in these little bottles of liquid gold are ahhhmazing! Got a cut? I’ve got an oil for that. Got a nasty cold? I’ve got an oil for that. Got the, “It’s almost Christmas and I haven’t started shopping!” stress? Yep… I’ve got an oil for that! If you haven’t tried essential oils, now is the time! Simply Earth has quality oils and they are offering a great deal for my readers! Get those toxic chemicals out of your home and replace them with products that you can make yourself for a fraction of the price! While you’re at it order a box for a friend – I promise, they’ll thank you for it. If you order a box, be sure to use the promo code MYFOURANDMOREFREE and get a free $40 gift card with their first box and bonus box.

Lotus Produce Bags

No more fumbling with those aggravating plastic bags that are impossible to open for my fruits and veggies! I can pull out my Lotus produce bag and move on. Without fail, every time I use my TrolleyBags, I get stopped and other shoppers just HAVE to know where I got my bags. These bags make shopping a breeze and anything that makes my weekly trip to the grocery store easier gets a big A+ from me! With beautiful colors and versatility, these bags will be a winner under your Christmas tree this year. 

Abiie Beyond Junior Y High Chair  

I know I’m not the only one who loves it when I can buy one item and it serves multiple purposes! Less money. Less space. Win-Win. This high chair from Abbie is one of those products! This chair can literally go from baby to grandpa fulfilling needs. A high chair, booster, desk chair, and dining chair ALL IN ONE! Tim his is a super gift for any moms on your list.

Clear2O ® ADVANCED Water Filtration Pitcher  

I may just wrap this one up for myself! We have well water at our home as well as A LOT of water in said well. I would think the 10 loads of laundry I do per day would use tons of water. However, it doesn’t use enough and our water has sediment in it. I love that this water filtration pitcher is going to clean my water for me! No more wasting plastic bottles for my water!

Check out the other categories in the Christmas Gift Guide 2019

His | Her | Teen

7-12 years old | 3-6 years old | 0-2 years old 

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