Unwrap Your Chocolate Adventure at Hershey Chocolate World

Unwrap Your Chocolate Adventure

I have a confession, I love chocolate! I especially love Hershey’s chocolate and then there is my favorite, Reese’s Cups! For someone with those loves, there is no better place to be than Hershey World!

chocolate adventure

To be honest, before going I was not really sure what to expect, but once we were submerged in all things Hershey, it quickly became not only a fun experience but a tasty one as well!

chocolate adventure

Hershey’s Chocolate Tour

There are several different experiences to take advantage of while at Hershey World. Once we arrived, we begin our day with the Hershey’s Chocolate Tour. It was a great blend of something for everyone. The tour is a ride within itself with carts that take you on the tour.

chocolate world tour

While on it, the guest is taken on a journey from the time cocoa beans are harvested all the way to when the delicious chocolate arrives at the store. The best part is at the end of the tour everyone receives a free Hershey sample at the end! What pushes it over the top is that for the Chocolate tours no tickets are required… it is absolutely FREE!

facts about chocolate


We then made our way to the all-new Hershey Unwrapped theatrical show. This was an extremely entertaining and tasty performance!

chocolate adventure

Guest are given multiple types of sweet chocolate treats and walked through the different elements of each sweet indulgence. All while being led and entertained by a couple of Hershey’s finest! Unwrapped will leave you with a smile on your face and a sweet little surprise as well!

chocolate adventure

The Food at Hershey’s Chocolate World

In the Hershey’s Chocolate World Building, lies the fabulous Hershey’s food hall! With its wide variety and excellent taste, there is something for everyone! From bread bowls with fresh soup, pizza to deli sandwiches, it is all a delight to the taste buds! My husband particularly enjoyed the barbecue with a chocolate barbecue sauce! I know what you are thinking, but one bite of this smooth sweet blend and you will be hooked! The only disappointment was when he found out he couldn’t buy it by the bottle to take home!

chocolate world food

Finish it off with a Hershey’s ice cream milkshake, a s’more, or one of the delicious desserts from the bakery for the perfect ending to an amazing meal!

4D movie

4D Chocolate Movie

After lunch, we made our way over to the 4D Chocolate Movie! This was not only entertaining but interactive as well! With its 4D effects, participants are plunged into the action as the Hershey’s characters use the audience to help them solve the mystery! With more than 100 variations, you could watch this show over and over and have a different experience each time!

chocolate adventure

Create Your Own Candy Bar

For our final activity of the day, we took part in the Create Your Own Candy Bar Experience. After getting our aprons and hairnets on, we got started working on our own individual creations.


Everything was unique to each member of our family. From ingredients to the wrapper everything was customizable to each person’s preferences. Watching our creations come to life was so cool and to be honest, probably our kids favorite part of the day!

chocolate adventure

Gift Shop

Before we called it a day, we took a stroll through the gift shop. There we found all things Hershey and more! From toys to clothing, housewares to accessories, not only could you find everything candy-related, but many of the items were exclusive to Hershey World!


Of course, this gift shop wouldn’t be complete without candy, LOTS OF CANDY! Many of the items were supersized (like the one-pound Hershey Kiss) which was pretty neat. There were also many unique flavors as well. Our oldest son is a HUGE Twizzlers fan and between finding some new flavors and finding the jumbo-sized Twizzlers, before it was over he left with nearly seven, (yes SEVEN) pounds of Twizzlers!

world's largest candy

So if you are in Hershey make sure you make a visit to Hershey Chocolate World! It is fun, it is educational and most of all it is delicious!!! 

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