Bringing Child’s Artwork to Life

Child’s Artwork Coming to Life 

Days of playing outside, building massive forts out of blankets, riding bikes, going for a hike in the woods, making a beautiful artistic masterpiece, and playing board games seem to be on the decline in America due to the increase in electronic use. As an 80’s baby myself, it saddens me to see the decline. I’m all for technology and allowing children to use electronics for short periods of time but I am also all for giving my children the childhood that I had…. full of imagination and creativity.

Child's artwork

It can be a hard battle at times because electronics can become so addicting for a child. Companies like Budsies makes children seek time to enjoy art in an all-new way! I mean, how cool is it to see your own artwork coming to life? 

Child's artwork

How Budsies Makes Your Child’s Artwork Come to Life

First of all, you will want to give your child their choice (or maybe your choice) of crayons, markers, paint, or colored pencils. I personally chose crayons but you can use any type of artistic drawing tools. Let your child be as creative as possible. At first, my daughter had a bit of a hard time thinking outside the box. She just kept drawing her typical stick figures, houses and flowers. We stopped, read a few books and I pointed out some of the drawings in the books.

Child's artwork

Then, I went to Budsies’ website and showed her some examples of what other children had done. She went back to drawing and it was amazing to see how much her drawing abilities changed! She was able to think outside the box. So, don’t give up if your child is doing very basic drawings. Budsies can use basic drawings too but if you want something a little more creative, help your child get their creative juices flowing by showing them some other pictures. Make it FUN while incooperating some one on one time with your child!

Child's artwork

After your child has their drawing complete, I recommend you take a photo of your child holding their original masterpiece. This will be a masterpiece they will forever cherish! Next, take a photo (in good lighting) of just your child’s artwork. You will then go to Budsies’ website and start placing your order. You will be directly downloading the image right into their website… no need to mail anything (thankfully, because this mama is terrible at mailing anything!!). Place the order and wait while the designers at Budsies get to work on bringing your child’s artwork to life! 

Child's artwork

Throughout the process, Budsies will update you on their progress. You will receive a confirmation email, as well as, emails updating you when the drawing is in the hands of the designers, when it is being sewn together, and when it is shipped! The really neat part is getting to see a photo of your child’s artwork made into a stuffed animal. You can then request any changes to be made if you do not feel it looks enough like what your child had drawn. I didn’t have to make a single change in my daughter’s “unicorn”. They nailed it!! 

Child's artwork

When the box came in the mail with my daughter’s masterpiece, she was super excited! There is a different excitement over this stuffed animal than any other. SHE made it! SHE designed it! She is so very proud of herself. What I have noticed since she received her “unicorn” from Budsies is that I find her at the kitchen table a whole lot more. I often find her sitting at the kitchen table drawing new creations. Her drawings are becoming more and more creative now that she sees her drawings as three dimensional. I LOVE the excitement with art that Budsies has helped create in her! 

Child's artwork

Head over to Budsies to start bringing your child’s artwork to life today!!

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