Children’s Black Friday Guide 2018

Children’s Black Friday Guide

Children's Christmas Gift

We have compiled our favorite Children’s Christmas gift ideas. Below you will find a short description of the item. You can click the product name to see our full review of each product specifically! Make sure you check back because we will be adding many more products for you to check out!

You can also find gift ideas for adults HERE.

SMARTMAX My First Tractor Set

Farm Set

Now, your kids can enjoy a spin on the typical tractor set by being able to build their own with kid safe magnets! The magnets are strong, safe, and large pieces to prevent any safety concerns. I am in love with SMARTMAX toys! The plastic is solid (not a cheap, flimsy type). The magnets are strong enough to hold the pieces together while your child plays but not too strong where your child can’t take it apart by themselves. 

ReadySetz Foldable Playset

foldable playset

The ReadySetz Foldable Playsets save space in your child’s room all while providing hours of endless play. When they are done playing, simply fold it up and store it! It’s a cardboard playset that is strong enough and durable enough to hold up to 100lbs! 

ThinkFun Games

ThinkFun Games

Bring on the games this Christmas! If you are looking for games for your children, ages 8 and up, Think Fun has three great new games. Cat Crimes is a single player puzzle with 40 different challenges of trying to use clues to solve a crime. Laser Chess is a two player game combining the game of chess and laser beams! Shadows in the Forest is a strategy game to play in the dark! Yes, that is right, in the dark. Using a lantern, players work together and use strategic thinking to complete the game.&nbsp 

3Doodler Start Kit

3D Art

The 3Doodler allows children to create in 3D with a safe and easy to use 3D pen. Kits are available or your child can use their own imagination to create whatever their hearts desire, freehand! 

The Field

We are totally digging this new toy! Created in Ireland but now available in the United States, “The Field” allows any little farm/animal lover to create their own storyline! The Field is a very solid built “pasture” that features lush green grass, hedging, traditional wooden farm gates, farm animals, and a tractor. I was impressed with the quality of the field itself. Between the design and the materials used, it seems as though it should last a long time! 

Tiny Love Mobile Activity Center

Activity Center

The Tiny Love Activity Center allows your child to play in a safe environment while mom can get a few things done around the house! The activity center comes with toys to attach to the activity gym that will help increase your child’s motor skills. The comfortable soft seat to sit/stand in gives your child the comfort to sit or stand which will strengthen their core muscles and their legs! 

Disney Pixar Short Films Collection 

pixar short films

When going to the theaters, before each Disney Pixar Movie, movie goers are caught up in watching the latest Pixar Short Film. They are inspiring, funny, and thought provoking. Disney Pixar realized that fans loved the short films so much that they compiled the short films onto DVD, Blu-Ray and Digitally. Each volume brings a new short film collection to homes all over. Volume 3 of the Pixar Short Films has just been released.  


road trips

Whether you have a dog or maybe you are looking to surprise your little one with a puppy for Christmas, EZDog has all the quality pet products you will need 

Winning Moves Games

game time

Whether it be a Rubiks Cube Tower or a game of Pass the Pigs, Winning Moves has games for the whole family to play. They offer individual games for “quiet time” and multiplayer games that are great for family game nights!

SmitCo Products

girly girl

Everything girly offered by Smitco… fun light up journals, secret passcode protected journals, scrapbook kids, manicure kits, and even dress up gear!

Fancy Nancy on DVD

Fancy Nancy

Grab some glitter, add a dash of “ooh la la,” sprinkle in original songs and… Voilà! Get set to pour on the fun with Fancy Nancy. Fancy Nancy brings a bit of flare with a life full of imagination right to your child. Children will also learn basic words in French as Fancy Nancy adds a word in French throughout each episode.

Cube Puzzler Pro

3D Puzzle

Great way to get your child (or even adults) to think! The Cube Puzzler Pro is a 3D Cubed Puzzle that will be a challenge for anyone! Suggested for ages 10 and up, using 6 differently shaped ball puzzle pieces, place the pieces strategically to complete a cube. It is harder than it looks! Using logic and a challenge booklet, complete each challenge from beginner level to the most advanced level.  

Incredibles 2 Movie

Incredibles 2

Movie night with our favorite Supers! Incredibles 2 is one of those Disney movies that your kids will watch over and over. Warm up some hot cocoa, snuggle up, and enjoy Incredibles 2.

Bbluv Video Monitor

babies secure

Give the gift of safety and protection this Christmas. This video monitoring system is great to keep an eye on your baby at all times, day and night!

PlayMonster Kid-O Line

mastering motor skills

The new Kid-O Line has toys for babies all the way to school age children. Educational, fun, and quality toys that increase your child’s motor skills.

Sleep ZZZ pillow

foster mom

This U Shaped pillow is great for comfort during the night and for quiet time, reading a book. The U shape allows children to feel “hugged” all night long, providing a better night’s sleep!

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