Cheap Valentines Date Ideas

Cheap Valentines Date Ideas

Valentines Day is when lovers everywhere spend a small fortune on stuffed animals, flowers, dinners and candies to give each other. All too often there seems to be a belief that the more you spend the more you love someone; this could not be farther from the truth. At times it’s not the amount of money that you spent on the gift but the amount of time and thought that you spent trying to find the perfect gift for the one that you love. When you are on a low budget you require some creative ideas that are still romantic.

cheap valentines date

An Evening In

There isn’t any set rule that says you have to go out for dinner just because it’s Valentines Day. A home cooked candle lit dinner at home can be just as romantic as an evening out with full service. Set the table for two, using the coffee table or a mat on the floor can make the dinner more intimate. 

cheap valentines date

You can rent a movie and snuggle up on the couch with some popcorn under a blanket. You don’t have to have dinner or watch a movie instead you can cuddle up in front of a nice cozy fire. A bonfire can be romantic with the right person.

An Evening at the Park/Beach

You can take your Valentine to the park or the beach when your budget is low. These activities are free and romantic. You can take a picnic with you and tune out the rest of the world. A walk along the beach in the moonlight is romantic.

cheap valentines date

Camping Out

You can camp out with the one that you love for the weekend. Campsites are rather inexpensive and you can take everything that you need to survive the weekend with you. The fact that you’ll be in nature will give you the perfect chance to pick some wildflowers, sit by a fire and roast marshmallows or just talk.

cheap valentines date

When it comes to having Valentines Day when your budget is low there are dozens of things that you can do. There is no law that says you have to spend a small fortune; all you have to do is be with the one you love. Time alone can go a long way to making the day special for both of you. 

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  1. Wonderful ideas! I think in the end it is spending some quality time together that is important.

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