Celebrate Those You Love With JobreMoon Jewelry #Review

Solid Friendships Are Hard to Come By

Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of friends. All of them are special to me for different reasons. This last year and a half were extremely tough for my family and I. You can read more about it HERE and HERE but I had one particular friend who stuck with me through it all.


Between driving half way across the country to be here to be my nurse, maid, and nanny following my hysterectomy and being there with an open ear anytime I needed one, my friend Brandy has stood by me even when I was NOT myself. 

JobreMoon Jewelry

When I saw the necklace that JobreMoon had to offer, my mind automatically went to Brandy. To some, those three initials, BMS, may mean nothing. To me, they mean a whole lot! We only met 9 years ago even though our husbands were friends growing up. In 9 years, but especially this past year, we have become so close. I couldn’t have made it this last year without her!


This sterling silver monogrammed necklace is beautiful with it’s unique, fancy yet fun font. What a better way to celebrate that person that means so much! Other necklaces are also available but this specific one was perfect for the occasion. 


Friendships Worth Celebrating

Do you have a friend that you feel is perfect just the way they are? What about a family member that has stood by your side when no one else would? Husbands, how special is your wife? Order a necklace from JobreMoon and express how thankful you are that they are uniquely made to be a part of your life! How that person they are is something you would NEVER want to be different! 

My husband has been great through it but, you know, a girl has to have another girl they can just be completely real with. Today and always, I am thankful for the friendship I have in BMS. Thank you, Brandy, for being the exact YOU that God has created you to be! 


Is this reminding you of someone in YOUR life? I would love to hear who your “go-to” person is and why!? Sometimes random gifts that are “Just Because” to celebrate friendships, mean FAR more than even a birthday or Christmas gift! JobreMoon has something perfect just for you to simply celebrate THEM! Friendships are special so, the gift should be as well!

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