Snow Days – Celebrate!

Snow Day!

If you’re home with the kids on a snow day, or just venturing out to the great outdoors after a heavy snowfall, make the most of the season with a few fun snow activities! A big snow storm is the perfect time to grab that down jacket and jump in, and many people have their own set of ‘snow rituals’ to look forward to each year. Bundle up and be sure your kids are dressed properly for playing in the winter snow.

snow days

When I was younger, I lived in the Chicago area. The picture above is one of my favorite memories as a child. My cousins had come to visit from California (where they NEVER had any of the “white stuff”). We used the picnic table to create an igloo. The BEST snow fort EVER! That is me directly next to the fort in my ugly red snowsuit. Make memories with your babies this winter, they won’t ever forget it!!

From making angels to testing the real flavor of snow, here are ten ways to celebrate snow this year:

Go Tunneling

Pull out your bucket and spade, and head out for day of digging and building. You can tunnel your way through large snow deposits and even make a maze within a larger snow bank. Just make sure you can dig yourself out in case of an avalanche.

Have Hot Chocolate

The BEST hot Chocolate recipe for a winter day will have your kids reminiscing in their adult years of their fun snow day that included delicious hot chocolate mom made.

Catch Snowflakes in Your Mouth

You can do this with some Christmas music playing the background for a true winter wonderland experience. Try it, you’ll feel like you’re living inside a snow globe.

Eat an Icicle

Go ahead and grab yourself a free ice popsicle, courtesy of Mother Nature. Just reach out to the evergreens and trees in the backyard, and snap off an icicle; it may not be the cleanest treat on the planet, but one small bite couldn’t hurt.

Make Homemade Ice Cream – SNOW Cream

Set a bowl out to catch the snow at the very beginning of the snow that is free from dirt, debris, and in a place where you may risk animals trodding. Grab these items from the store to make your very own SNOW CREAM!

Make a Snow Fort

Building a fort is one of the best reasons to play in the snow, and you can spend a few hours designing and building your ‘new home.’ An igloo can easily be made out of a snow bank, and is much easier than building from the ground up. Just grab that shovel and start carving out your pseudo-igloo.

Make Snow Angels

This age-old tradition continues to delight kids and kids at heart; just put on some warm boots, gloves, and a thick coat, and dive right into a snow bank. Make an indentation by flapping away (a jumping jack while lying on your back) and you’ll leave your ‘angel mark’ for all to see.

snow days

Make a Snow Castle

A snow castle is different from a snow fort because you’re not going to be setting inside of it. A snow castle is usually for display purposes, and can be used as a lawn ornament or sculpture for your front yard. You can get really creative with a castle by using leftover holiday ornaments and lights for decoration.

Do a Snow Dance

A snow dance is any sequence of events that encourage the powers to be to make it snow more. A few rituals to try out include: wearing your pjs inside out and backwards while doing a little dance (indoors or out is your choice); saying a snow chant or mantra; and putting a spoon under your pillow before going to bed.

Go Sledding

The best time to go sledding is right after a snowstorm when the snow is wet and heavy; it will hold your sled in place much better as you navigate down those slippery slopes. All you need is a warm pair of boots, gloves, a hat, and warm jacket and you can slip and slide your way down your favorite hill.

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