Fancy Nancy Volume 1 on Disney DVD

Fancy Nancy On Disney DVD November 20th

Grab some glitter, add a dash of “ooh la la,” sprinkle in original songs and… Voilà! Get set to pour on the fun with Fancy Nancy. Fancy Nancy brings a bit of flare with a life full of imagination right to your child. Children will also learn basic words in French as Fancy Nancy adds a word in French throughout each episode. 

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Pixar Short Films Collection Volume 3

Disney Pixar Short Films Collection Volume 3

When going to the theaters, before each Disney Pixar Movie, movie goers are caught up in watching the latest Pixar Short Film. They are inspiring, funny, and thought provoking. Disney Pixar realized that fans loved the short films so much that they compiled the short films onto DVD, Blu-Ray and Digitally. Each volume brings a new short film collection to homes all over. Volume 3 of the Pixar Short Films has just been released. 

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The Highly Anticipated DVD, Blu-Ray Release – Incredibles 2

Incredibles 2 on DVD and Blu-Ray 

As a huge fan of the first Incredibles movie, our family made it a family day by going to see Incredibles 2 when it was released at the theatres. It did NOT disappoint! We have all been anticipating the day that it would be released on DVD and Blu-ray! Incredibles 2 is one of those movies that doesn’t get old no matter how many times you watch it! 

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Freaky Friday Kind of Night

Freaky Friday Kind of Night

Review by Jess

It’s a Freaky Friday kind of night! Pop some popcorn, grab your daughters, and make it a girls’ night! Rock out the night with Ellie and her mom, Katherine while they sing and dance their way into your hearts. We had so much fun reliving the old classic with a new spin – the musical aspect of the modern, theatrical version of a beloved novel and movie – while remaining heartwarming and comedic. With catchy tunes and a heart-warming storyline, Freaky Friday is a new favorite in our house.

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Sherlock Gnomes Comes to Blu-Ray June 12th

Sherlock Gnomes Hits Shelves on June 5, 2018

If you love the classic stories of Romeo and Juliet and Sherlock Homes, you and your children will love this hilarious and heartfelt adventure of Gnomeo and Juliet in Sherlock Gnomes! Sherlock Gnomes will hit the shelves and be available on Amazon beginning June 12th. Can’t wait for June 12th, get it on digital now! You can also pre-order the DVD and Blu-Ray Combo pack now HERE!

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