6 Tips for Improving Your Concentration

6 Tips for Improving Your Concentration

It happens sometimes – you start reading a book and some 20 pages later, you have no idea what you’ve read. It’s like you haven’t really read anything at all. You try to concentrate, but it’s easier said than done. So, is there anything you can do? Fortunately, there is. Here are some tips on how to improve your concentration.

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The Connection Between General and Oral Health

The Connection Between General and Oral Health

Appropriate oral health care is essential for keeping both your mouth and body bacteria-free. Aside from keeping the mouth clean, the quality of your lifestyle and diet will also greatly influence your oral health, which shares common risk factors with numerous chronic diseases. From diabetes, through arthritis, and to heart disease, keeping your mouth clean and healthy is the first and, very likely, the most important step in preventing serious infections and illnesses.

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Learning How to Walk Again – Life Lessons

Learning How to Walk Again

A little over a year ago one of life’s unexpected turns found its way into my life. Just from stepping off the curb the wrong way, I have had a year worth of pain following a very extensive surgery on my ankle. Sometimes, life will throw curveballs when you least expect it. There have been a lot of lessons learned throughout my healing time. During physical therapy today, the therapist made a comment that got me thinking not just about my ankle but about life in general. I’d like to share with you one of the many lessons that have come out of the situation with my ankle and learning how to walk again.

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6 Most Common Postpartum Health Problems

Common Postpartum Health Problems

Pregnancy is the biggest life-changing period in a woman’s life that carries both positive and negative outcomes. While giving birth to your bundle of joy is the most miraculous experience, you’re likely to be faced with various post-pregnancy health problems. From stretch marks through back pain, and to postpartum depression, a series of conditions affect new moms, so make sure you know what awaits you and are ready to face those problems like the strong woman you know you are.

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6 Ways to Keep Skin Moisturized During the Cold Winter Months



No One Wants “Winter Skin” – Keeping Skin Moisturized in the Winter

Winter is definitely upon us. Most of the United States is feeling the winter chill or should I say winter FREEZE right about now. Here in North Carolina, we typically do not have harsh winters but this one has been a doozy for even us this past week with even more cold temps ahead! The cold, dry air has been doing a number on our skin. Here are some ways that we have found as a family to keep our skin moisturized even on these cold days!

Skin Moisturized

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