Benefits of Collagen – Adding Collagen to Your Diet

Benefits of Adding Collagen to Your Diet

When a person thinks of collagen, the first things that may come to mind are collagen injections. The debate continues on that topic as do those regarding adding collagen to the diet. Collagen is a natural substance that is important to the human body. One-third of the protein in the body is collagen as are three-quarters of the skin. This substance is what keeps the skin from appearing wrinkled.

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Basics for Healthy Skin – Amanda Jo Organic Bunny

Basics for Healthy Skin

The cooler months can be particularly tough on your skin. Try some proven tips to repair the damage and get your skin looking and feeling great!

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Healthy Snack Ideas

Healthy Snack Ideas

Healthy snacks are food at ease for healthy lifestyle. Snacking at regular intervals is good for everyone who is on a diet plan or who is a foodie, even who has squeeze of time for having a proper meal or even a toddler who practically eats almost nothing at the meal time. The only consideration should be to have healthy and nutritious one to keep you on the right course. This is easy if you don’t run out of ideas.

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How to Reduce Knee Pain

How to Reduce Knee Pain

Knee pain is a common complaint among the general population who actively engages in physical activity. Not only in the active population, the elderly age group also seems to be vulnerable to various knee related symptoms and pain has shown to be one of the major contributors to the wide array of such complaints.

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Alternatives To Sports To Get Kids To Exercise

Alternatives To Sports To Get Kids To Exercise

Exercise is healthy for adults and children alike. With the rates of childhood obesity soaring, it is vital that young kids learn how to be active. The National Institutes of Health suggest that children get at least an hour of daily physical activity to reduce stress, help self-image, maintain a good weight and have proper body development. Sports are often encouraged for young kids, however not everyone enjoys those. There are various other ways that kids can exercise that do not involve sports.

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