Tips for Feeding a Large Crowd

Tips for feeding a crowd at your next gathering

If you are in charge of planning dinner for a large crowd, you may think that all that planning is a bit intimidating and kind of stressful. However, there are some tips you can follow to make things a bit easier when planning. Continue reading

Super Simple Chicken and Veggie Recipe

Healthy Chicken and Veggie Recipe

Simple Chicken

Are your kids like mine? I have a hard time convincing them that veggies really are tasty! I know I was a kid once too and my taste has definitely changed over the years but I can still remember gagging when eating peas. My mom would tell me that I needed to eat all my peas and I would cry, pitch a fit and let them get cold before I would eat them (which made them taste even nastier).  Continue reading

The Best Superfoods that Fight Colds Naturally

Apples and oranges mix



Did you know that some Superfoods fight colds naturally? Not only do healthy, nutrient-dense foods nourish your body and help cells grow and reproduce, they also help arm your body to battle attacks from germs that cause colds. Meats that are low in fat, fruit & veggies, and healthy 100% whole grain foods have an important role in keeping your body healthy. Continue reading

Easiest Peach Cobbler #Recipe

I love this recipe! It is truly a family favorite. Are you ready for the easiest Peach Cobbler recipe you’ve ever tried? Continue reading

Birthday Cake Dip #Recipe

Cake Batter Taste Without the Raw Eggs

How many times when making a cake do you lick the spatula to enjoy the sweet taste of cake batter? Well, if you love cake batter, you will LOVE this birthday cake dip! 

Birthday Cake Dip Continue reading