A Death Sentence – BUT God

A Death Sentence – BUT God

At 8:42 the morning of October 26, 2020, I received a message from a friend letting me know that a mutual friend of ours had been in a terrible car accident on her way to work. Update after update left very little hope that I would ever speak to my friend, Cheryl, here on Earth. Her injuries were a death sentence…. BUT GOD. This is a very long post but one that I think you will find worth reading. Cheryl, herself shares her account from the morning of the accident until just a few days ago. Yes, that “death sentence” was only how the doctors saw it… not how God planned it. Here is how GOD planned for it to all unfold.

death sentence

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Never Promised a Weary Free Life



My body is tired.

My mind is tired.

My emotions are tired.

My heart is tired.  Continue reading

Modesty, Discretion, and Lust


How does a woman keep a man from lusting after her when she is trying to be discreetly modest? Continue reading

PLEASE, Put Me In Time Out!

Mom Needs a Time Out

Sometimes a mom just needs a break! All moms but ESPECIALLY stay at home moms. Yes, I love my job as a mother. It’s all I ever wanted to do in life but it can be an extremely overwhelming CONSTANT. With very little alone time and a lot of wondering if you are doing things right. I put my kids in time out and sometimes am a little jealous that THEY are getting the time out! haha!

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Marriage Made In Heaven

Guest Post

It seems these days that a lasting marriage is almost a thing of the past.  It has become all too easy to just call it quits for some couples.  As women, we must realize our proper role in the relationship. We have to do our part even if our spouse seems to be led astray.  No one said that being married was going to be easy.  However, you can have a joyful long lasting marriage with a little patience, work, and loving sacrifice.  Selflessness comes to my mind when I think of what it takes to turn a failing marriage around. Continue reading