A Peak at Carolina Harbor, Carowinds Waterpark

Carowinds Waterpark Brings Families Together in the Sun

Wanting to get the kids out of the house this summer but you don’t like the heat? Going to hang at the pool sounds great but can get boring after a while especially for older children. Carowinds offers tons of fun outdoors between their amusement park rides and the Carolina Harbor, Carowinds Waterpark!

Carowinds Waterpark

The water park originally opened in 1982 (named Ocean Island) with just a wave pool. Over the years, Carowinds has continued to build on and build up by adding more acres and by adding unbelievable water attractions. In 2016, the park reopened for the season with a fully remodeled and much larger water park marking it as the biggest water park in all of North and South Carolina! The new and current name is Carolina Harbor.

Carowinds Waterpark

What makes Carolina Harbor REALLY stand out is that it began as a water park that was an additional fee for Carowinds guests; however, over the years, Carowinds decided to open the water park to all their guests as part of the park entrance fees. Most parks still operate under the “additional entrance fee” program. Thanks Carowinds for keeping your customers in mind when making a park to truly fit everyone in the family for one fee.

Carowinds Waterpark

We also love how upon entry, they will measure your child’s height and give them a wristband to show which rides they can and can’t ride. This takes out the frustration of getting your child hyped about a ride and then find out that they can’t even ride because of a height requirement. 

Carowinds Waterpark

As is true with the park, Carolina Harbor, Carowinds Waterpark, offers something for everyone! Our little girl could not get enough of Pirates Landing, Kitty Hawk Cove, and Seaside Splashworks! These three areas for little ones are awesome. With several slides to choose from, water guns mounted on the playset itself to buckets that soak hose below, our daughter just couldn’t decide what to do next!

Carowinds Water park

For those thrill seekers in the group, Carolina Harbor is ready for them as well! Our sons had a blast riding Dorsal Fin Drop. It has 351-foot water slide that includes a ride around the bowl before finishing off the last part of the slide! Our 15-year-old went around four times and loved it!

Carowinds Waterpark

My biggest kid (aka my husband) LOVES water rides. He and the boys were super excited to ride two rides, in particular, Pirates Plank and Storm Surge! Pirates Plank invites riders up to the top of its six-story tower. Once there, riders step inside an enclosed capsule and suddenly the floor drops out from below your feet! Just like, that you are on your way down an enclosed tunnel, racing to the bottom! My husband said this was his favorite ride.

Carowinds Waterpark

On the same tower are Cannonball Drop and Captains Curse! These two rides offer single and double tube rides that start in enclosed tunnels before opening up to drop riders down some pretty steep drops! The smiles and laughs from or boys showed their approval!

Carowinds Waterpark

Storm Surge towers over Carolina Harbor at 80 feet tall! These two enclosed body slides send riders down a series of extremely tight twist and turns, most of it in the dark! It will be a ride you won’t forget for sure!

Carowinds Waterpark

One of the things I appreciate most about Carolina Harbor is that while there are several things for different ages to do there are still plenty of things for families to do together as well that everyone can enjoy! Coastal Currents is something for everyone! Grab a tube, layback, and relax in this 1,000 foot long lazy river! Mom and dad can relax while the little guys splash away!

Carowinds Waterpark

Carolina Harbor also has not one but two wave pools! Tidal Wave Bay and Surf Club Harbor are a great way to hang out as a family while having a chance to cool down! We really enjoyed Surf Club Harbor. Our little girl giggled and laughed as she floated on the waves (with the help of her one of her brothers) or played in one of the geysers at the pools entry. Our boys loved the challenge of jumping or swimming through the cycles of waves! A great way for the entire family to enjoy the water!

Carowinds Waterpark

Everyone gets out of the house, the kids can release all their built up energy, have a blast, and you can soak up the sun while being cooled off by all the water at Carowinds Carolina Harbor Water Park!!

Carowinds Waterpark

Carowinds Waterpark, Carolina Harbor Provides Fun in the Sun

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  1. I am not a big water park fan at my age, but this park really looks like a lot of fun! I know my family would have a great time there!

  2. This looks like a lot of fun for the kids, I would not go near it because I am afraid of heights.

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