Carowinds All Day Dining Plan is the Way to Go!

My 15-year-old got rather excited when he found out we had the all day dining plan for this visit to Carowinds. He is a true teenage bottomless pit, I mean boy. Ha! I am really not very sure if he was most excited about the rides or the food. Anyone who has been to Carowinds knows the food is good but if you haven’t tried the all day dining plan, I can tell you the savings makes eating all that delicious food easy and affordable. 

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About the All Day Dining Plan

For those who love to eat or for those who love to save money (I think that would be everyone), the all day dining plan is for you.

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Here is how it works. With the all day dining plan, you receive a band to wear for the day with a barcode on it. Just about anywhere that serves entrees within the park has a variety of entrees and side items available for those with a wristband… for free. All you do is pay for the wristband at the beginning of the day (for $29.99). After that, every 90 MINUTES, you can get a full entree with a side item.

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Some of our favorite entrees were the chicken tenders, beef brisket, fried shrimp, quesadillas, meatball boule and of course, there is always the classic, pizza. 

You don’t even have to buy a wristband for every member of your family. If you are staying together as a group throughout the day and especially if you have small eaters (like my 5-year-old), order one meal and then another meal 90 minutes later. One of you can eat and then the other or do like we did, one of us would eat the entree and the other would eat the side item and then 90 minutes later, we would switch. No need for a super full belly when you are riding rides!

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You can also opt for just a one meal voucher for 13.99 which comes with an entree, side item, and a fountain drink.

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If you have a season pass, you can also add an all season dining plan starting at only $102 for the whole season that provides lunch and dinner each visit!

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About the Sip and Scan Refillable Cups

More than the food, keeping hydrated is beyond important when you are out in the sun all day. Most of the food venues offer cups of water for free. However, for those of you who love soft drinks, too, the cost of multiple individual drinks can add up in a hurry.

Dining plan

Having a sturdy plastic cup that can be refilled every 15 minutes is the perfect solution!

dining plan

There is an option to buy a purple refillable cup (for $29.99) that can be used for refills all season long or you can purchase the pink cup ($13.99 when you buy at Carowinds or $11.99 if you buy online) which is able to be filled for free every 15 minutes for one particular day. With the pink cups, you can refill for $1 on any other day of the season.

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With the Coca-Cola Freestyle Machines, there are over 100 drink combinations available. Drink a classic like Cherry Coke or try something new such as Strawberry Orange Mellow Yellow. You are sure to find something that everyone will enjoy!

dining plan

With so many great food options available, you certainly don’t want to miss out. The all day dining plan will ensure that your appetite is satisfied. Then top it off with an ice cold drink with the sip and scan refillable all day cup! Trust me, on a hot summer day, you will be so glad you did!

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