Caribbean Caribbean Dangers

Beautiful as the area may be as a vacation spot, there are places to avoid in the Caribbean islands, mainly because they have become high-risk for tourists. The places in question have reported a very large number of tourist-targeted crimes, political protests, and diseases. So while you may envision the Caribbean to be a place of idyllic peace and serenity, the reality is starker.

Caribbean dangers


American tourists should avoid the place as they may be detained by Cuban authorities for interrogation and plane and vessel hi-jacking are common occurrences in Cuba. Prado and Old Town Havana are notorious for street crimes like pickpocketing which would perhaps rule them out for any family seeking a fun-filled vacation.


Kingston, Jamaica’s capital faces violent political unrests making it unfit for tourists. Mountain View and Cassava are places threatened by gang warfare. Police corruption and narcotics trafficking are common in Jamaica, although it should be said that this applies to certain neighborhoods.


The failed state of Haiti has a high crime rate due to the sheer poverty of the inhabitants. Rural areas and side lanes in urban areas are danger-ridden. Dengue disease is rampant in Haiti and the Dominican Republic so great care has to be exercised when it comes to having necessary injections before travel.

The Bahamas

Nightlife venues and deserted beaches are unsafe in the Bahamas. Criminals masquerade as hitchhikers or taxi owners-so you should avoid them, and keep your eyes peeled for tricksters.

St. Vincent and Grenada

Yachts and nighttime buses in Grenada are unsafe. Hiking, an important attraction in St Vincent is very risky especially in isolated areas, the main problem being that these places don’t have sufficient police forces.

Netherlands Antilles

St Maarten is a prime location for street crimes. Armed car burglary is common in the ABC islands. Drug rackets also thrive in this area bringing it into the list of best-avoided places in the Caribbean

Trinidad and Tobago

Gulf of Paria and Cedros peninsula are home to drug traffickers and Ft George viewpoint of Port of Spain is not very secure for tourists.

Although this chain of islands is the ultimate tourist holiday destination, there are certain places to avoid in the Caribbean islands. So plan your vacation wisely, making sure to avoid notorious trouble spots and visiting only those areas that guarantee a measure of safety. 

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