Can YOU Escape the Room at NC Escape in Durham, NC #travelreview

NC Escape – Will You Be Able to Escape In Time?!

If you were to be locked in a room full of clues with only one hour to escape using ONLY the clues you can find… could YOU escape?! Take on the challenge at NC Escape in Durham, NC. If you don’t escape… well…. at least you will have such great memories to escape with!


About NC Escape

Escape games are great for family fun, date nights, youth activities, or even just a night out with friends! They are popping up all over the nation. With so many people zoned into their cell phones these days, conversation is often lost. At NC Escape, conversation is brought back for a solid hour of entertainment involving thinking, teamwork, and focus!


You will enter a room with 1-9 others, the clock will start and you are left with nothing but looking around the room to figure out how to use objects and clues in the room to unlock more clues and objects. The only way to escape is to work as a team to solve each and every clue within the room. 


EX Machina

My husband and I took on the challenge of the EX Machina Game (one of the three games offered at NC Escape) with our two boys and our 2 nephews. The boy’s ages are 16, 14, 12, and 10 (and our 4-year-old daughter joined us for…. moral support?! haha… she even had fun!)


With just three remaining steps left, time ran out and we didn’t escape in time. Even though all four of them are super competitive, no one left disappointed. They knew they did their best and had a blast doing it! (and were all asking if we could go back to do the other rooms!)


During a recent renovation project in our building, a secret room was discovered littered with old mechanical contraptions. Their purposes are unknown, and there is a mysterious vault door that no one can open. What secrets are inside? And who doesn’t want us to get in?


Hours of Operation and Contact Information

  • Friday 5pm-8:30pm
  • Saturday 1pm to 10:30pm
  • Sunday 1pm-6:30pm

To make an appointment, call (984)888-5155. NC Escape is located at 119 Orange Street, Suite 101 Durham, NC 27701.NC ESCAPE

We are anxious to bring our friends in a few weeks for a couple’s night out! I can’t wait! Get YOUR group together to see if YOU are witty enough to escape! I would love to hear how you did!

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  2. That looks like a lot of fun! An Escape Room company opened a few months ago in my city. I’m going to have to get some friends together and try it.

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