Busy Bee Door Hanger Kids Craft

Busy Bee Door Hanger2


During the summer months when the kids are home, it’s easy to run out of things to keep them occupied. Kid’s crafts are one of my favorite things to do with my daughter. They’re very inexpensive to make, they keep us both busy for a little while, and the bonding time makes for some great memories that will be passed on for generations.


The Busy Bee Door Hanger is a cute craft that can be done with kids of all ages. The only supplies required are some craft sticks, a little glue, and your imaginations. The craft sticks and glue can be found in the local dollar store. I used hot glue for this one (mostly because I’m impatient), but regular school glue would work just as well.


First, you arrange the sticks side by side, like a ladder, and then glue four sticks lengthwise to stabilize them, and you have your basic door hanger. All you have to do after that is decorate it and add a little ribbon or string for hanging. You can also paint your door hanger if you’d like, but the plain wood matches our décor the best.


The bugs are from a kids’ printable page I found online, but you can use magazine clippings, pages from a coloring book, greeting cards, or anything else you might have at home. The best part of crafting anything is being able to re-purpose things you already have. I also printed out the letters and cut them out. If you’re artsy, you can draw your own, or use a die cut machine like Cricut or Silhouette to cut the letters. Our dollar store also sells pre cut letter stickers, but I didn’t have any on hand.


We did “Bee Right Back” because it seems that someone is always stopping by when we’re running errands, but any “buggy” saying will do, like “Buzz Off” for older kids, or “Don’t Bug Me”. You could also abandon the bug theme altogether and decorate your door hanger with a welcoming message, a child’s name or even no words at all. There are loads of possibilities.


What do you think? What kind of message will you hang on your door?

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