Building Blocks With a Story

Building Blocks With a Story

Written by Jess

As a child, I loved to read. I also liked to create buildings, parks, and other awesome creations with building brick sets. So imagine my delight when I found out that there is a company that creates block sets that you make as you read a story. Not only does your child get to read and build, but they also learn as they put together the STEAM based building block sets with EBlox.

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The EBlox Parts Starter kit that allows your child to build their creations using unique patented parts to form 3D circuit designs. These parts are compatible with the other building sets. Your child can spend hours doing new projects that stimulate their minds and introduce them to the world of STEAM.

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Join Seymour E. Blox as he travels in Mimi, his submarine, in EBlox’s The City. Your child’s goal is to help Seymour repair a bridge that is being destroyed by pollution in an ancient city. As the story progresses so do the tasks that your child must help Seymour perform as they make their way through the city. The City opens children’s minds to architecture, submarine technology, civil engineering, biology, circuits, and so many more STEAM centered explorations.

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Take another EBlox adventure with Seymour and his robot, cat, and dog investigate distant lights coming from a nearby island. Your child will read along as Seymour builds Robyn, Glen, and Devyn as well as a boat, stairway lights, a seahorse, and a morse code generator. Your child will use morse code to help solve a message, and will encourage them to dig deeper into robotics, mechanics, metaphysics, and so much more!

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Your child will be entertained for hours with EBlox Stories. My daughter enjoyed building the projects as we read the story together. Eblox offers an excellent opportunity for children and adults to read, create, and dig deeper into the different areas of learning that EBlox Stories touches on throughout each story.

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