A Week of British Soccer Camp

British Soccer Camp Through Challenger Sports

Sports camps can be found across the country varying between private classes, school programs, community-run camps or camps such as Challenger Sports. The location, the cost, and experience play into deciding which camp will work best for your child. 

A week of British Soccer Camp

british soccer camp

For some, the location of the camp may be much more important if both parents work and have limited time to transport children from one place to another. For others, a stay-at-home mother, for example, may have the time to drive her children 30 minutes away, but the cost factor can be a hang-up. Choose what’s best for your family.

My son had the privilege of participating in two different soccer camps this summer. He had a great time with both of them. One was for his school, which was great because he was able to have intense training with the rest of his teammates. We found it beneficial to go beyond the three-hour, four-day-a-week camp the school offered. That’s where the Challenger Sports British Soccer Camp came into play.

british soccer camp

British Soccer Camp Full Day

Over the past few years, my son attended the British Soccer Camp through Challenger Sports, but only did the half-day show. This year, we decided to step it up. We chose to enroll him for the full day of the British Soccer camp with Challenger Sports. The full-day starts the day at 9 a.m. and ends for the day at 4 p.m. They pack a lunch and have plenty of short breaks to stay hydrated for the seven hours.

Full-day camp still gives players the opportunity to play some games that are to improve teamwork, agility, and speed. Not all exercises consisted of using a soccer ball. So how does that qualify as a soccer exercise?! The answer is because they are working on specific skills such as communicating between team members, staying focused, increasing their coordination and a range of other skills.

british soccer camp

The coaches are all from or around Britain. Each coach is trained and they are experienced soccer players themselves. The coaches stay with host families in the town the camp is located in, giving them a taste of the American lifestyle and also giving host families time to see the coach’s culture. It can be a great experience but it also helps keep the camp fees to a minimum.

british soccer camp

About Challenger Sports

Challenger Sports, the leading camp company in the US has launched a brand new, soccer camp that combines the most popular elements of their two camp programs, British Soccer and TetraBrazil. The all new Challenger International Soccer Camp will offer instructional camp programs for each age/ability level! The TinyTykes program will provide 3-5 year olds with fundamental soccer activities, games, and stories, designed to enhance technical skills along with physical and social development. The Half Day Camp for 6-16 year olds is the most popular program and will provide 3 hours of skill development, games, challenges and competition each day.

My son had a great time, made some new friends, and had the opportunity to learn from the best. I think next year, I will be sending my six year old daughter so she can start learning how to play soccer. Challenger Sport’s British Soccer Camp is a great place for children to begin learning soccer skills and for children who want to take their soccer talent to the next level!

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