Book Subscription Service for Children

Book Subscription Service – PERFECT End of School Year Gift

Your kids have worked hard all year long (or maybe they haven’t and need a little encouragement to give it their all for next year). Either way, reading is essential this summer. Just because school out does not mean they should completely “break from school”. A good book subscription would be a great end of the year gift to your child.

book subscription service

Why BookRoo?

Hands on experience and reading are two of the best ways a child learns. With everything they do, they learn. Reading boosts their imagination, enlarges their vocabulary, and even helps them see character qualities that they can learn from as well. Reading builds character! Have you ever thought, every book has someone or something bad… and good. Your child is learning from the experiences in the book. They learn to not portrait bad character traits after seeing the consequences the “bad” characters have in the story. 

book subscription service

A book subscription service like BookRoo will give your child a new excitement for reading. Aside from the fact they are getting books every month, they are also getting some great “hidden gems”! BookRoo isn’t all about the classic books. They like to give their little readers a variety of great, wholesome books that are not as well known. This is our second month of books from BookRoo. I can honestly say, there has not been a single book that my kids haven’t loved. Not only have the kids loved them but I also approved their quality and their content.

book subscription service

FAQs About BookRoo Book Subscription Service

How Many Books?

  • Picture Book Subscription (ages 3-6)  2 Hardcover Books
  • Board Book Subscription (ages 0-2.5) 3 Books
  • Chapter Book Subscription (ages 7-`10)  2 Books

book subscription service

Organization Service

When Are They Sent Out?

On the 15th of each month, subscriptions are renewed. Within a business day, your box will be shipped. 

book subscription service

How does BookRoo Pick Books to Send?

Books are reviewed by a panel made up of 12 families. The families rate each book. The best books that the 12 families rate is then added to the BookRoo Boxes.

book subscription service

What if They Send One My Child Already Has?

Send a photo to BookRoo of your child gifting the book to someone else, automatically receive $5 off your next box!

What If I Have Two Children in Two Age Groups?

Get 15% off the second subscription!

book subscription service

What is the Cost?

  • Board Books – Starting at $16.95 per month
  • Picture Books – Starting at $16.95 per month
  • Chapter Books – Starting at $21.95 per month

book subscription service

Spark your child’s imagination and help them learn all summer long with BookRoo’s Book Subscription!

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5 thoughts on “Book Subscription Service for Children

  1. I love this idea! My son loves new books and getting something in the mail addressed to him would just thrill him.

  2. Oh how fun to get books in the mail. I like that their is a discount for 2 children even if they are different age groups.

  3. These books sound great. I encourage my grandchildren daily to read. It is so good and so important for them. Thank you so much for sharing this

  4. THis sounds like a great idea for kids who love books and want different and new ones often.

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