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Stitch + Sound: Sew a Singing Bluebird

Have a bird lover on your Christmas list? Look no further. Not only is the gift perfect but the time you take to make it will speak your love loud and clear. Homemade gifts always warm my heart like no others. Perhaps you are the bird lover? Get a couple of the Stitch + Sound kits and invite your loved one to make one with you. Fond memories of your time together will come flooding back every time you see your beautiful handmade bluebird.

The Magic Christmas Ornament Collection

Bring Christmas magic to your home for years to come with The Magic Christmas Ornament Collection. The book inspires one to believe in the magic of Christmas. Follow along with Victoria, Joseph, and John as they gather around the fireplace to hear their father’s story about this favorite Christmas ornament. The Magic Christmas Ornament Collection provides you with your very own magic ornament to hang on your tree for the Christmas season for years to come. What magic will it bring to your home? This set will become a tradition passed on from you to your children and then you will find your children reading the book to their children!

Hope Planner by Hope Fuel

Life can get pretty crazy with rushing from one place to the next, making sure children are fed and bathed, and being involved in as many activities as you can be with your children. At that busy time of life, often, people miss out on prayer time and devotions (the time when you need it most). Despite your desire, sometimes it just gets pushed to the back burner when life’s pressing moments are right in your face. The Hope Planner, a Christian woman’s planner, helps you get your life organized so that you DO have time for your devotions and prayer time. It is all worked into the planner with a place for devotions, prayer requests, and even a place for church notes! Get grounded in your faith all while keeping life more organized with the Hope Planner by Hope Fuel! 

Paint This Book

Many think that painting is a talent. It may be but art is a form of personal expression. Sure, you may not be Picasso but that is ok. Your art is YOUR art… it is the way YOU express YOU! Art is a way to relax and drift off from the craziness around you. This book is all about YOU expressing your version of art. Watercolor paint, paintbrush, and even a book full of ideas along with a space to paint on each page are all included. Remember, painting is not just for kids or the super talented… it is for anyone wanting to have an outlet to express themselves and unwind from a busy day.

Draw 62 Magical Creatures and Make Them Cute 

Drawing is made easy with the Draw 62 Magical Creatures and Make Them Cute Book! Do you love expressing your creativity with art? This book guides you through techniques on how to draw different creatures and make them your own drawing! You can change any creature (and create your own ones!) and make it unique to your illustrative ideas! Anyone who likes to draw will love this step by step book to unleash the artist in them!

Motif Photo Album

Memories compiled in an album can be one of the most cherished gifts you can give. The awesome thing about it? It is a gift that will be passed down and loved by generations to come. How many of you have taken time at some point or another to look through Grandma’s old photo album? Pictures of you as a child? With Motif, you can use old or new photos to create a one of a kind album gift!  

Quarto Knows The Art of Paint Pouring Book

Are you someone that is really artistic but just does not know how to get started? The Quarto Knows The Art of Paint Pouring book is for you. This creative, think-outside-the-box paint pouring guide will teach you ways to paint a beautiful canvas that you may never have known before. This book will guide you step by step and bring out the artist in you in no time! Best of all, there are no mistakes! Have fun and learn how to create endless pieces of art for your friends and family.

The Little Women Cookbook

What a great gift idea for the little woman in your life! Pairing this with her very first copy of Little Women will be so sweet under the tree! Read the book and then make the same yummy recipes as your favorite character in the book! I always related the most with Jo. Who is your favorite “Little Woman”?

It’s Your World Now

Life is full of beautiful things to see and do but it isn’t all a bed of roses. Often life is portrayed to children as fairy tale stories. I love how this book shares both sides of life with little readers. It allows them to see the beauty around them, the possibilities of what life has to offer but also warns them of the hard times that will come in life. It is realistic and enlightening to little minds.

Adventures on Earth 

Are you raising a child who loves to explore or maybe you want them to love to live on the adventurous side of life? The Adventures of Earth book is a must on your child’s Christmas list. In Adventures of Earth, your child will explore the many places here on Earth that daring explorers have been. They will find themselves dreaming of a trip into the jungle or hiking the highest mountains. Adventure will begin with the Adventure of Earth book and end with real life adventures as they get older! 

Big Cat

Kids will get a kick out of this fun, eye opener of a book, Big Cat by Emma Lazell. When Gran loses her glasses, she finds a stray cat and brings him home with her. Little does she know that this BIG cat is a TIGER! Kids will find out about the differences in others and how to accept those who are different in this joke filled book! 

Silo The Zero Waste Blueprint

Looking for an interesting read for your favorite food enthusiast? Here you go! Learn to feed your family with no waste. There’s not much that aggravates me more than throwing things out that I’ve paid good money for. Learn the secret to cooking with no waste and start saving money now!

Beautiful Boards by Maegan Brown

How many of you search Pinterest for an idea of how you can wow your guests at your next gathering? This book… it is better than Pinterest. Yes. I just said it! This book is colorful and FULL of some very creative ideas of creating a masterpiece of a spread of food on a board. I promise, there will be party platters you never would have thought of before!

Eat. Play. Love.

Looking for the good in everything… even the little things can be easy to forget. For a dog, they find love in even what we consider to be “little things”. Have you noticed how dogs look at a simple meal with such excitement and anticipation? A pat on the head is heavenly for a dog. Are you as excited about life as your dog is? Take time and read Eat. Sleep. Love. It has 100 heartwarming life lessons from a dog’s perspective. If you let those thoughts soak in and apply them to your life, life will be much grander!

Life Lessons from my Cat – How to Land on Your Feet Books

Sit back and relax while flipping through Jamie Shelman’s book series, Lessons From My Cat. Why not think like a cat? Her whitty, but insightful thoughts on how to live will give you a laugh but also makes you think about life. Sometimes, we take life way too seriously… so… go wild and live like a cat sometimes! 

Bookroo Book Subscription

BookRoo is one of my very favorite subscription boxes. I can get rather overwhelmed trying to pick good books for my children. Bookroo does that job for me! All you have to do is pick the age range (between 0-10 years old) and BookRoo employees will handle picking out the books to best fit. They pick books from other parent’s suggestions on both classic and hidden gem books. The value of the books are always above the actual subscription fee (up to a 54% discount), so it is a deal for sure! The books come pre wrapped which adds even more fun to receiving the Bookroo package. Will you choose a one month, three month, six month, or 12 month subscription?!

How Winston Delivered Christmas

Do you have a Christmas tradition that allows you to celebrate Christmas for the whole month of December without having to spend a bunch of money each day? Here is a new tradition you can begin with your child. The book, How Winston Delivered Christmas is a 24 and a half day advent book. Starting on December 1st, you and your child can read one chapter of the book. It will give your child something to look forward to and spark their excitement for Christmas Day without the focus being on a gift a day like most Advent calendars!

Creative Cookie Decorating by Emily Hutchinson

For some, cookie decorating brings back some wonderful memories from their own childhood. For others, it may be a new tradition they would like to start. Be the talk of the town with these mouth-watering recipes combined with artsy, Instagram worthy frosting designs! Aside from the 100 recipes including an inside look to how Emily Hutchinson whips up her famous buttercream icing, this is far more than just a typical cookbook. While walking you through her recipes, Emily also shares some very heartfelt stories from her own life. This is more than a cookbook… it is a book about life!  

ABC’S of Art by Sabrina Hahn

The ABC’s of Art by Sabrina Hahn is one for the bookshelf, for sure. Aside from helping your child learn his or her letters of the alphabet, ABC’s of Art digs deeper in your child’s mind, cultivating a love and appreciation for art at a young age. The book showcases famous paintings along with teaching information about the artist themselves. Your child will most likely not be the only one to enjoy, but you yourself will likely find this book to spark your inner creativity and challenge your imagination! 

Latin Superfoods by Leticia Moreinos Schwartz

It is time to spice things up a bit in the kitchen. Even healthy food can be tasty if you have just the right recipes. Latin Superfoods by Leticia Moreinos Schwartz provides 100 healthy recipes that will keep healthy eating a pleasure rather than a chore! Leticia takes everyday classics and transitions the ingredients to become a healthy choice.. Without losing the flavor!

The Visual Guide to Easy Meal Prep

What a lifesaver for those of us beginning a journey to healthful eating. I don’t know about you, but if I can see it laid out for me, I catch on so much quicker. The most important to eating healthy is planning! Can’t wait to see what I can glean from this Guide!

Brilliant Maps for Curious Minds

I am not sure about you but I love looking at maps. I love to travel and know about random places in the world so I can be sure to add the most interesting ones to my bucket list. Did you know there are some countries that do not even have a river that runs through it? Brilliant Maps for Curious Minds is not just a book of maps. It is chalked full of interesting information about culture, history, and even politics in different areas of the world.

California Cooking and Southern Style by Frances Schultz

This recipe book has it all! In California Cooking and Southern Style, Frances Schultz completely lays everything out by pairing the foods and providing 18 different menus to even telling ideas on tablescapes for each menus mixed with entertainment tips. Frances keeps into consideration using fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables. She takes you into her own life as she shares some personal experiences along the way. This recipe book has been given kudos by Martha Stewart and Julia Child!

My Ballerina Dolls – Clara Marie BJD, The Nutcracker

My mother in law absolutely LOVES the Nutcracker. So much so that she has life-size nutcrackers flanking her front door every Christmas. She also collects dolls. Guess what she’s getting for Christmas… eeek. I’m so excited to see her eyes when she sees the beautiful detailing on this doll. I just hope I can wait until the 25th to give it her! Both dolls are sold individually.

Everyday Keto Baking

I have recently started eating a diet very similar to Keto, not exactly but extremely close. One thing we all miss when we start this journey is… flour-based foods. Be it bread, cake, muffins, or cookies – the cravings are real! Everyday Keto Baking is a lifesaver (if you don’t believe me – ask my hubby – I get HANGRY!). You don’t have to go without it. There are healthy options! I can honestly say, I would be thrilled if I found this wrapped under my tree!

My Big Wimmelbooks

There is SO much to look at and talk about in The Big Wimmelbooks! These books are great ones to have around for the times when you want to spark some great conversations with your children. Let your child’s imagination soar. Have them create a storyline. You can also use the Wimmelbooks to talk about safety, hard life lessons, and the many jobs out there. Choose between, A Day at the Zoo, Cars That Go, On the FarmFiretrucks, and several others.

All Around Bustletown 

Does anyone else love a book with detailed photos? I love how it gives great conversation to our reading time. My daughter is learning to read so All Around Bustletown is a great book to read. She can read a little and then have a bit of a break while we talk about all the details in the pictures. It gives her time to let her imagination run wild!

Quarto Knows Calendars

Life can be pretty hectic. Keeping organized may be top on your list for 2020. Quarto Knows has a great group of fun, new calendars that include September 2019 through December 2020. Choose between an adorable Llama Nation calendar, a mathematics calendar, a calendar full of Ford Mustangs for the car lover on your list, a calendar full of goats, and many other great calendars to choose from! Check out all the calendars available through Quarto Knows! 

Space Exploration – A History of 100 Objects

Space exploration has evolved so much over the years. So, what makes these advances happen? Space Exploration – A History of 100 Objects walks you through the 100 objects that have changed space exploration. Expand your appreciation for all the hard-working scientists and engineers who have made an impact on space technology!

NY Christmas Baking

If you love baking or you love New York (or better yet, both), you are going to LOVE this cookbook. The cover says it all. Throughout this cookbook, you will find a very elegant layout of favorite New York recipes along with beautiful photographs from New York City. This is not just any cookbook. It is also a photo book!

Taxi Ride with Victor

Talk about a book full of fun, Taxi Ride with Victor will take your kids on a funny ride through space. Victor is a taxi driver who seems to get lost EVERYWHERE he goes. As he rides through space, he visits places like the dentist (only with aliens as the dentist and patients), the library, and the post office. This comical book will keep your child’s interest and quickly become their favorite book!

Guinness World Records 2020

Guinness World Book has been a part of our family for years. Our oldest son received his first copy when he was 6. He instantly fell in love with it and ask for the newest edition every year! (He’s now almost 17!) . The books are loaded with content to read, photos to look at and even some interactive displays using your phone or tablet. The 2020 edition is the 66 installment and brings us some really cool new features such as what records were set on your birthday! Plus they take a look at some of the record-breaking robots! Don’t miss this edition! 

The Family-Friendly Keto Instant Pot Cookbook

Are you part of the Instant Pot cult? 😉 That’s what my sister in law calls it. I have found that once you start using the Instant Pot, there’s no turning back. So what could be better than an Instant Pot Cookbook? Well, a KETO Instant Pot Cookbook, of course! The Salted Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecake may or may not be the first recipe that I try out of this book. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Keto doesn’t have to be hard and the Instant Pot just made it so much easier!

The Autoimmune Protocol Comfort Food Cookbook

I absolutely love it when I find a healthy alternative to comfort food. I love it, even more, when I serve it to my family and they are none the wiser. This Autoimmune Protocol Comfort Food Cookbook is going to change the way we dine. No more making two separate dinners. We can all enjoy the same food.

Epic Vegan

Do you have a Vegan on your list? Here’s a cookbook for you! You can have vegan-friendly meals ready and waiting for them when they come. They will feel your love when they see you went to the trouble to prepare special dishes with them in mind. You may even find that you enjoy them just as much!

Cali’s Books – Singing Board Books (Holiday Editions)

One of my kid’s favorite teachers sent home a letter every year. At the top of that letter, it said, “Great readers become great leaders!”. I believe there is much truth to that. The earlier you can get children to fall in love with reading, the better! Cali’s Books are here to stay! Made with the utmost attention to detail and high quality, your children and grandchildren will have these books to enjoy for generations! Teaching children to interact with books is essential in training them to love to learn. There is truly nothing you can’t learn if you love to read. With the interactive nature of Cali’s Books, children will turn each page anticipating the new adventure they will find waiting! Give your children the gift of the printed page this year and watch their imagination begin to flourish!

Gamer’s Edition 2020

My youngest son like many his age loves all things video games. From playing video games to watching videos about his favorite games, I think he could be engulfed in them around the clock if he were allowed. The Gamer’s World Records Book Gamers Edition is a perfect book for him. For 2020 the book is themed around some of the legendary characters of video games. Names like Mario, Pikachu, and Spider-Man. There is even a Fortnite chapter with a “build” yourself into the record books! This is a must-have for the serious gamer in your family! 

Atom Land

If you have a budding physicist on your Christmas list, here is a book that is a must-have under your tree. My eldest man child has his sights set on being an Astrophysicist and is constantly reading any and all books that help his understanding on how the world of atoms work together, this is the book that will still be giving long after Christmas Day! Hours of fun in one little package.

Vegan Mac and Cheese

Going to your Vegan friend’s house for the holidays and have no idea what to take? This Vegan Mac and Cheese will win them over in a hurry! With more than 50 plant-based recipes, each recipe adds a new dynamic to macaroni and cheese! I am sure you can’t believe that you can make macaroni and cheese in so many ways… well, you can!!

The More or Less Definitive Guide to Self-Care

Let’s face it. We all could use a little more self-care. Living in a society that is go, go, go all the time leaves self-care in the backseat. Make 2020 about take care of yourself. I’ve always heard that you can’t take care of others unless you take care of yourself. Get started with reading this book!

Frida Catlo, Yum Yummy Yuck, and The Story of Rap Board Books

Frida Kahlo was a famous painter from Mexico who mixed reality with fantasy in her paintings. This children’s book, Frida Catlo, brings a bit of humor to teach children about the famous painter. Just as Frida Kahlo had a unique style of art, Frida the cat also has her own flare! Check out this fun-filled, colorful book, Frida Catlo!

Have you heard of Cree Lane and Amanda Jones? They share absolutely hilarious real life stories from their own personal lives of raising small children. Now, they have published a book, Yum Yummy Yuck, that helps other parents face the same dilemma. Have a child who likes to put anything and everything in their mouth… crayons, sand, and so much more? Yum Yummy Yuk helps children understand the difference of what does and does NOT belong in their mouths through this cute and simple board book.

This fun book, The Story of Rap, includes a lot of rhyming, colorful pictures and history. Are you a music lover who wants your child to know a little about all different kinds of music? The Story of Rap gives them a very simple, kid version description of the history behind how rap music came to be. 

Ask a Science Teacher 

Do you have a child who constantly asks questions just beyond your area of expertise? I do and he is going to LOVE this book. He’s always been interested in what makes things go. I’ve lost quite a few dollars by him taking my household items apart to see what’s happening inside. He can get quite frustrated when I can’t give him the answer he’s looking for. Thanks to “Ask a Science Teacher”, no more, “I’m not sure honey” answers for him. He can skip asking his “not in the know” mom and go to “Ask a Science Teacher” to ring the answers.

Dinosaurs, The Grand Tour

Dinosaurs are some really amazing creatures to learn about. How much do you know? If you have a child who has an inquisitive mind like mine, you will be asked a million questions about dinosaurs. This is a great book to have on hand when all those questions start to hit. It gives a lot of insight on each kind of dinosaur along with great real-life looking images.

Visions of the Universe

Do you ever stand in awe when you think about all the details known about our universe and even the thought of what all we don’t know about it? The universe is most definitely something to stand in awe over. Why not add some fun, adult coloring while thinking about all the wonders of the universe. It is known that coloring is a stress reducer. The relaxation of the coloring mixed with having a moment to just focus on the wonders of the world makes for a great de-stressor at the end of your day!

Born Again Runner

Ready. Set. Go. Get this book under your tree now! My firstborn decided he was going to run cross country this year. He did great for a first-timer but this book is going to help him prepare for next season! Born Again Runner is a book about determination and overcoming obstacles in life. No more excuses… you CAN run! If you have a runner in your home they need this book!

Super Low-Carb Snacks

Low carb is the “in” thing right now. We are trying to go low carb around here (and the kids are NOT happy). The one thing they miss is snacky food. These Super Low-Carb Snacks are going to fill that craving without adding the high sugar low nutritional blahs! I can’t wait to take some of these to our holiday parties and watch everyone devour them. I love to surprise them with the ingredients after they tell how much they love it!

Judy Joo’s Korean Soul Food

If you have an experimental cook in your family, you need Judy Joo’s Korean Soul Food book. She will have you making some of the yummiest dishes you’ve ever tasted. Philly Cheesesteak dumplings? Yes Please! From snack time to dinner time, Judy Joo will give you some unforgettable meals and some great memories around the table!

Seeking Slow

Intentional. It’s a word that I’ve been mulling over for weeks now. Intentional living allows me to “trim the fat” out of my life. Make room in my life for what is really important. Life is too short to live it floundering. It’s not a dress rehearsal. We get one shot at living and I want to make every single moment I have count. Seeking Slow is helping me prioritize what is important and weed out the rest. Intentional living is the best life.

Simply Spaced

The more clutter I have around me, the more clutter I have in my mind. I can still hear my mom saying it. “A place for everything and everything in its place!” I didn’t get it then, but now I get it! The issue many of us have is we have too much stuff to have a place for everything! Clearing the clutter out of our physical space is going to automatically clear our minds as well. Simply Spaced will be a great addition to any family Christmas tree! Learn to live simply together!

Shore Buddies Stuffed Animal & Storybook Set

I love it when companies reuse items that most of us toss and never think about again. Shore Buddies is creating these super cute and cuddly stuffed animals and the only problem you’re going to have is picking which one. My daughter’s best friend LOVES turtles and she is going to LOVE getting Shelly for Christmas and my daughter will LOVE giving it to her. Shore Buddies knows that giving is better than receiving as well. Buy your favorite marine stuffy and help save marine life.

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