Heat Up the Summer With These Board Games!

Heat Up the Summer With These Board Games!

Written by Jess

Escape the heat of summer this year with a few games. Winning Moves Games offer a large assortment of games for everyone – card games, family games, kids games, Rubik cube, and new designs for some of our favorite classics. Here are a few of our favorites to enjoy this summer:

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Who doesn’t love Trouble? Become the first one with all of your pegs in “finish” to win the game. Better watch out! If your opponent lands on your space, then you have to go all the way back home. I played this game with my siblings and cousins when I was younger and enjoy playing it with my 5-year-old now. It is a classic game that will never cease to entertain!

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Classic Rummy Tiles

Rummy tiles is a family favorite! You draw fourteen tiles and lay down your matches once you have a total of 30 points that you can lay down.

board gamesYou can place a set of three numbers down in different colors, a run of three or more in the same color, or a mixture of the two with wild tiles added into the set. The object of the game is to lay down all of your tiles before your opponents. You can play as many rounds as you like and keep score of the points left at the end of each round.

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No Stress Chess

Winning Moves offers this spin on a classic game that has been played for hundreds of years. The game of chess is taught through a deck of action cards. Each card teaches the players how to move each piece around the board.

board gamesThe game board is two-sided with one side showing the players where to place their pieces and the second side is a standard chess board. Play a few rounds as you learn the basics of chess, then flip the board over to practice your new skills. Enjoy hours of game time as you master this classic!

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Mega Monopoly

What is better than a game of Monopoly? How about a Mega Monopoly board that is 50% larger than the classic board, and offers 12 more spaces and nine new properties. As if that isn’t awesome enough, you can now buy skyscrapers to earn “mega” rents and build train depots.

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Gone are the days of spending hours playing the game before someone wins – use the speed die and bus tickets to turn the game from hours into 90 minutes or less. Now you can play several games of Monopoly in the time that it used to take to complete one set.

The Monopoly Card Game

If you are like us, we travel often and more frequently during the warmer months. We love to take games with us when we are camping, but have struggled to find a way to bring some of our favorites due to space and the number of pieces that they often include. Now we can enjoy one of our favorites in the form of a card game! With a mixture of Rummy and Monopoly comes the Monopoly Card Game. Draw and trade cards as you earn (or lose) money. The player with the most money at the end of the game wins!

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While we all enjoy the summer and the outdoor activities that summer brings, take some time out of the heat to enjoy some games as a family. Bring them to a picnic, on a trip, or enjoy time around the dinner table in the evenings. Winning Moves Games are a great way to escape the heat this summer!

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6 thoughts on “Heat Up the Summer With These Board Games!

  1. My family plays board games a lot . The Arizona summers are miserable, so it’s stay indoors most of the time. I think my family would love No Stress Chess.

  2. (Heat Up the Summer With These Board Games!) Our family has played many of their great board games in the past. The winters can be pretty brutal here in Northern Illinois so that’s when our family gets to together with friends too to play these great games. Hours of fun, and no boredom!

  3. These games all look fun. I have never heard of No Stress Chess, but I want to try it.

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