Best Gifts for Kids Ages 0-2

Best Gifts for Kids Ages 0-2

Best Gifts for Kids

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SmartMax My First Safari Animals 

SmartMax My First Safari Animals is an 18 piece set that enables kids to create six different animals. The pieces are large, soft and perfectly sized for little hands. They click together easily to the magnetic bars and kids can mix and match them into wild new animals of their own creation.

Froggy’s Lair

Whether your home is full of pets or if you are looking for your very first pet, you must consider your family’s needs along with their wishes. Sure, a dog may be loads of fun but they are also loads of work. Maybe a frog is a better option for a busy family or for extending your number of pets. Froggy’s Lair offers a complete biosphere and even ships African Dwarf Frog directly to your home. There is VERY little care needed for your frogs but the frogs provide some great entertainment. Only requiring feeding twice a week and a tank that cleans itself with no electricity used (read more about how a biosphere works) makes it an incredible gift for any home!

Lil Advents Potty Time Adventures – Toilet Training Advent 

Lil Advents Potty Time Adventures, Dinosaurs is a Potty Training Game that makes it fun for toddlers to ditch the diapers. Using stickers and wooden blocks to reward your little one for making a successful deposit in the potty, it motivates them and makes them want to use the potty. As their potty punch out card fills up, they will open the windows and receive a cool wooden dinosaur block from each, which they can stack and play with. This game makes potty training fun and easy!

Janiebee Nap Mat 

Janiebee nap mats are a cushioned nap mat with a sewn in blanket and pillow. Made in the USA, Janiebee nap mats are made with 2 inches thick, soft and SAFE chemical free batting, multicolored Designer Quilted Cottons coordinated as a quilt, and double thick Minky tm pillowcase and blanket. The blanket measures 48 inches long with a velcro closure on the pillowcase to keep the pillow snug in its place. 

The best part is that it is completely machine washable! Yep, you heard that right! It can all be thrown into the washing machine AND dryer (other than the pillow that comes out of the attached pillow case). So, no worries with placing it on a hotel room floor. Just throw it in the wash when you get back home and it’s good as new!

Jambo Books 

Jambo Book Club offers diverse books for children age 0-13. Each month, they send members 2-3 age-appropriate books. These books feature children of color as the stars, placing them in situations where children’s literature rarely places them – making friends, raising pets, loving grandparents, and fighting dragons. Each book arrives with a personalized letter in JambArt boxes that are beautifully decorated with art that celebrates the joy of childhood.

Pediped Shoes

Kids love pediped shoes because they’re the next best thing to bare feet. Mom’s love them because of the quality and adorable styles. With so many colors and styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect pair for your little one. pediped are shoes kids love to wear!

Le Van Toys Africa Stacker and Bag 

The Africa Stacker & Cotton Bag from Le Toy Van will assist early development skills through building and balancing the animals. This stacking toy features 9 wild wooden animals including a giraffe, a lion, an elephant, a zebra, a monkey, a rhino, a cheetah, a crocodile, a parrot and a fabric bag to take the stacker with you on the move. This toy is plastic free and decorated with safe, non-toxic paints, and is safety tested for children age 18 months and up.

RARE Mike-a-sauros Dino T 

RARE. created the RRRRRRRRARE-MIKE-A-SAUROS DINO TEE because they wanted to create a shirt that celebrated children who have siblings with rare diseases. This shirt can be worn with pride by all warriors, advocates, and allies. RARE. understands that children with rare diseases often get more attention due to the nature of their diagnosis, and that can leave their siblings feeling left out, even though they love and worry about their sibling. This shirt incorporates a child’s love of dinosaurs, and also the love they feel for their rare sibling. As an extra bonus when you purchase the Mike-A-Sauros Dino Tee, you get a limited edition RARE Dino Bow.

National Geographic Ocean Little Kids First Board Book 

The National Geographic Kids Little Kids First Board Book: Ocean will introduce the very youngest explorers to the wonders of Earth’s ocean, from its depths to its shores. It was designed to be the stepping stone to the best-selling National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book series. The sturdy pages of the Little Kids First Board Book showcases ocean life with amazing photographs, super-simple facts, and lively, age-appropriate language to keep babies and toddlers fascinated by every colorful page.

Basic Fun Pound Puppies 

Boy, oh boy! This brings back some great childhood memories! Pound Puppies are BACK for your children to enjoy, the same way you did when you were little!! They look and feel just like the ones you played with as a child. Adopt a pound puppy today and give your child lasting memories!

KOOKAMUNGA KIDS Rainbow Reversible Doll Pram with Diaper Bag 

If you’re in the mood for a leisurely stroll, take your baby doll along in this 2-in-1 Reversible Doll Pram with Diaper Bag. It has large foam wheels and an adjustable foam pusher to make it easy to push as your baby doll naps in the bassinet. Pull down the large retractable canopy to shade her from the sun. The bassinet can be converted into a forward-facing or a backward-facing pram in seconds, or you can lift it out completely and use it as a carrycot! It comes with a matching diaper bag to carry all of the things you might need for your baby doll while you’re out. And there’s a large shopping basket as well.

Nurture Life 

Nurture Life is a Healthy Meal Delivery Service that helps you to provide delicious and nutritious meals for your family. They provide delicious meals made from real ingredients. These meals designed by registered dietitians and chefs to ensure that each age group receives the amount of nutrition that is needed for healthy growth and development. The meals will be delivered to your door, fresh and ready to eat after heating for 2 minutes or less. With Nurture Life, even on your busiest days, you will be able to provide nutritious and delicious meals for your family. Use coupon code MYFOURANDMORE for 25% off your first two orders.

Teach My Preschool Kit

This all in one, award winning learning kit is designed for preschoolers ages 3+. (but they also hve a Teach My Baby) option. Teach My Preschool teaches reading, numbers up to 100, printing and even early math, using unique and coordinated tools. It doesn’t use a computer, you won’t be on a screen. Instead, it uses things like readers, a magic drawing board, flashcards, posters and counters. Use it to promote kindergarten readiness, fine motor skills, hand/eye coordination, parent/child interaction and self esteem. And it only takes 20 minutes a day! 

SmartMax StartPlus

SmartMax StartPlus includes 30 colorful, oversized pieces that enable young children to explore magnetism safely. The pieces are made from the highest quality materials and feature unique color codes: cold colored bars (blue, green, purple) attract warm colored bars (red, orange, yellow) and vice versa. All SmartMax products include complete, colorful guides with both product information and sample designs. All parts can be combined with all existing SmartMax sets, creating an endless range of possibilities!

Le Van Toys Wooden Blocks and Bag 

The 60 Piece Building Blocks & Cotton Bag from Le Toy Van is a timeless classic. This is a plastic free toy that is made from sustainable Rubberwood and decorated with water based, chip resistant paint to ensure the bright colours remain in pristine condition withstanding years of play. It’s designed with safe, smooth edges and is safety tested for children age 12 months and up.

Car Seat Cuties Car Seat Covers

If you have an infant age 0-12 months, you need to check out Car Seat Cuties Car Seat Covers. The covers easily stretch over the car seat, covering your baby like a blanket, while doubling as a costume. Available in five different designs (Fairy, Frankenstein’s Monster, Mad Hatter, Pirate, and Princess), it’s an adorable way to keep your baby warm. The covers will fit most car seats, do not interfere with the safety straps, and have a front zip flap design that allows you to easily remove the baby without taking the cover off. Use code SOCIAL20 at checkout for a discount!

Basic Fun Care Bears Medium Plush 

Give your child a little piece of nostalgia this year with Basic Fun’s Care Bear Plush. How many of us who are parents now, had a Care Bear plush or other Care Bear toys growing up?! I think it’s so neat when I can see a toy I had as a child and buy the same type of toy for my daughter for her to enjoy just like I did. The Care Bears Medium Plush is 14” in height. Each Care Bear Plush comes with a special coin for children to collect, trade, or give to someone special.

RARE Personalized Family Quarantine Christmas Ornament 

The 2020 Christmas Ornament from RARE. depicts a Quarantine Family complete with masks, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer! You can choose the number of people in the family (1-6), the ethnicity, and even have names put on their hats, and your family name or a short message added to the bottom. It’s the perfect ornament to represent such a crazy year! We have never been able to find a Christmas ornament that depicts our family since my daughter is Hispanic and the rest of us are Caucasian. RARE took care of that and made sure it looked more like our family!

Kookamunga Kids 16” Interactive Baby Expressions Doll 

Kookamunga Kids’ 16″ Interactive Baby Expressions Doll has so many realistic features and functions that it’s easy to imagine that it’s a real baby girl. She makes real baby sounds that are just too cute! She comes with a bottle and a pacifier, and will actually open and close her mouth and eyes as she sucks on them. If you lay her on her back, she’ll cry! But you will have fun soothing her with a bottle until she falls asleep. And once you get her to sleep, you can watch and feel her tummy move up and down as she breathes.

Les Deglingos Hippo and Llama 

Maybe your little ones are a stuffed animal junkie like my daughter is. She has her bed full and a net full of stuffed animals. The Les Deglingos stuffed animals are a huge hit with both my daughter and even myself. The quality of the plush animals makes mom happy but the feel of them is an even bigger draw for my daughter! Les Deglingos offers a good variety of animals. Each animal comes inside a very sturdy cylinder with a slit at the top. This makes for an excellent bank or just a home for your little creature! Check out all the different animals available from Les Deglingos.

SmartMax My First Animal Train

SmartMax My First Animal Train is a 22 piece set that, when correctly assembled, will create a full, moving 4 car train along with two animals. The large, soft pieces easily click together on the magnetic bars. The oversize train components are simple to build and play with, providing hours of play and story value.

Feltman Brothers Carly Doll, Bishop Smocked Doll Dress, and Vintage Brush 

Absolutely precious! That is the best way I can describe the Feltman Brothers Carly Doll. She is a very lifelike with even tiny little fingernails (even the thin white tip at the top of every fingernail) just like a real baby. Her real brown hair and beautiful deep brown eyes will have that special little girl brushing her hair with the Feltman Brothers Vintage Brush and getting her all dressed for that “special occasion” with her Bishop Smocked Doll Dress. Carly looks so realistic! The little girl on your Christmas list is sure to enjoy rocking and singing her to sleep and forgetting that she is “just a doll”. She even comes with her very own birth certificate. Feltman Brothers also sell a selection of other dolls, clothing, and accessories.

KOOKAMUNGA KIDS Rainbow Doll Jogger Stroller 

Being a “Mommy” doesn’t mean that you have to give up your active lifestyle. Take your baby doll out for a jog with this Doll Jogger Stroller. You’ll love the blue rainbow fabric. The large foam wheels and comfortable pink foam on the handle make pushing this a breeze! It’s extremely lightweight and has swiveling front wheels, making it easy to maneuver. And you can shade your baby doll from the sun with the retractable canopy.

Kookamunga Kids Unicorn Doll Car Seat & Carrier 

The 3-in-1 Doll Car Seat and Carrier is the perfect way to keep your baby doll secure and safe. The handle moves forward or backward to make it easy to put her in the seat or to take her out of it. And the seat can also be used as a feeding chair or a rocker! The headrest and the straps are padded and it has a 3 point harness, to provide comfort and safety for your baby doll.

KOOKAMUNGA KIDS Unicorn Doll 2-in-1 Shopping Cart 

The Kookamunga Kids’ Unicorn Doll 2-in-1 Shopping Cart makes it easy to take your baby doll along with you. The perfectly pink shopping cart has a built-in seat where your doll can sit. The seat has an adorable unicorn pattern on it. It has wheels that swivel, just like a real shopping cart does and the basket can be removed and carried like a handheld shopping basket, thanks to the attached handles. The handlebar is covered with soft foam, making it safe and comfortable for little hands.

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