Benefits to Drinking Tea on a Regular Basis

Drinking Tea Has Many Health Benefits

Written by Cheryl

Tea has far more health benefits than most people even realize. Using the Libre Tea Glass Infuser to infuse tea makes this container a fantastic aid in staying healthy. Teas have been used for centuries to assist with our physical well being. Let’s take a look at some of the many benefits you will find from drinking tea!

drinking tea

Many teas are great for boosting our immune system such as a green tea. You can also load up on antioxidants with a white tea. There is another tea made from Moringa that has more calcium than milk! WOW! Teas with ginger and chamomile are fantastic for stomach issues and calming nerves. Tea also has less caffeine than coffee which makes it gentler on your nervous system while still giving the boost some need to get through the day with a small dose of caffeine. Drinking tea has far more health benefits than the ones listed above. It sure seems like a winning drink to have on hand.

drinking tea

Brewing your own tea is the best way to consume it. Some tea increases in its health benefit’s the longer you allow it to steep (sit in the water). Some teas require as long as 20 minutes to steep for it to be at its optimal potency while others can steep for just a few minutes. Steeping loose tea leaves in the Libre Tea Glass Infuser is so simple. Libre breaks down the simple instructions HERE.

The versatility that tea provides gives you a new taste each time you drink it rather than having to stick with the same boring flavored beverage. You can drink it hot or cold, enjoy many different flavors, even choose between caffeinated versus non-caffeine herbal tea. You could drink this healthy beverage all day without ever having the same tea twice!

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About Libre Glass Infusers

Libre Glass Infusers allow you to make and drink your tea all in one container. Want to steep your tea longer without having to wait to take a few sips? Libre allows you to do just that with the built-in strainer. The glass infusers keep flavors from soaking into the cup lining. Now, you can drink tea in the morning and a smoothie for a midday snack using the same cup without the flavors intertwining. That is the biggest benefit to drinking out of a cup made of glass. 

drinking tea

The Libre Glass infuser is safe and thermal – hot or cold. The removable filter makes it perfect for loose teas, fruit infusions and lemon waters on the go.

drinking tea

The sound of having a glass “on the go” cup scares most people because you automatically think… “I will break that thing in a heartbeat, I need plastic for an active lifestyle!”. That is simply not true with Libre. If the glass WERE to break (it is a very thick glass so the chances are less likely), you do not have to worry about glass going everywhere. The Libre Glass Infuser is built to keep all the glass contained if it were to break. The versatility of drinks you could create in the Libre Glass Infusers makes them perfect for an active lifestyle!

drinking tea

The glass is protected by a strong BPA free poly exterior – ready for the bumps of every day.

I stopped in a little shop called the Gourmet Grove in Burlington, NC and found some great loose leaf tea to try out. It is a citrus, berry, spice tea which is great for cleansing. It tastes and smells delicious!

drinking tea

Check out Libre Tea and find the perfect tea to fit your health needs!

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4 thoughts on “Benefits to Drinking Tea on a Regular Basis

  1. This sounds so nice. I know that tea is good for so many things. I like it for relaxing. Thank you so much for sharing this. God Bless

  2. I’ve heard tea has many benefits. My daughter actually prefers it over coffee.

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