Benefits of Pull Toys for Young Children

 Pull Toys Are More Than Just a “Toy”

Toys were created for more than just entertainment. Although, for us moms, sometimes having five minutes of time that our children are fully engulfed in a toy give us the physical and mental break we need. So, toys obviously have multiple purposes. Have you thought of how each toy helps your child develop? Look into toys that encourage your child to do more than just entertain. Find out how pull toys help your child develop!

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Motor Skills

Anytime a toy can be manipulated by either pushing or pulling, helps develop their fine motor skills! As they play, they are grasping hold of a cord at the same time that they are pulling the toy. This fosters the growth of their fine motor skills. With the Yookidoo Musical Crawl N’ Go Snail and Pull Along Whistling Duck, children also have the opportunity to define their motor skills by also placing the removable toys in place on top of the backs of the pull toys.

Cause and Effect

As your child pulls the Yookidoo Crawl N’ Go Snail Pull Toy around, they are seeing a first-hand example of cause and effect. When they pull, the toy goes in the direction they choose, they see the reward of their action. The Yookidoo Crawl N’ Go Snail also has a removable shell that rotates as they pull. The Yookidoo Pull Along Whistling Duck will thrill your little one with its quack it lets out as your child pulls the duck along.

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Strengthening Muscles

Any physical activity will strengthen the muscles of your child’s arms and legs. To us, a small toy seems like such a little feat to pull but to a child, it is a true exercise. Their arms are gaining strength each time they pull the toy. The Yookidoo Pull Along Whistling Duck may only weigh right at two pounds but that is about ten percent or so of their body weight!

Increasing Hand-Eye Coordination

Clenching the strings on the Musical Crawl N’ Go Snail and Pull Along Whistling Duck toys demands hand-eye coordination. You will see your child begin by making several attempts at grasping the string before they get a firm grip on it. Before long, their hand-eye coordination will increase and they will master grabbing hold of the string successfully on the first attempt.

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At the beginning of playing with a pull toy, your child may topple the toy or even hit themselves in the leg or head because of the lack of coordination. As they grow, they will learn just the right tension needed to successfully pull the duck and snail at the right speed to maneuver them around.

As they begin to walk, the coordination becomes more intense. Now, they are having to learn to multi-task by walking forward while keeping the toy in an upright position. The skills will come to them the more they play. Everything in our lives demands coordination, this is a great exercise to encourage at a young age to prepare for their future.

Fosters Independent Play

Most of the time, you will hear your child making noises as they pull the toy. They are acting out a story in their head that they are creating about the journey of the duck as it waddles or the snail crawls slowly.

About the Pull Along Whistling Duck

The Pull Along Whistling Duck engages your child in active play and keeps your child focused. If they get preoccupied, the duck will start quacking to encourage more play time. The duck will whistle and sing as your child pulls it. The noise stops and starts based on movement which encourages continuous physical activity. It comes with an activity bead roller toy that can be thrown in the diaper bag for car seat play. 

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About the Musical Crawl N’ Go Snail

The brightly colored snail will not only entertain your child but also put them in a cheerful mood with the happy music that plays as your child interacts with the snail. The five-piece removable stacker makes for an added bonus toy as your child gets a little older and seeks more of the stacking type of play. 

pull toys

Both toys are available on Amazon prime which is great for those who are ready to wrap up their Christmas shopping without having to fight the crowds at the stores!

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2 thoughts on “Benefits of Pull Toys for Young Children

  1. I agree with all the points in your article. I always thought anything that got them up and moving would help develop coordination. The one that whistles might even help them try to mimic whistling or humming. I like the independent play aspect. It even helps the mind start to learn cause and effect reasoning. If they pull (the cause) the toy comes along with them (effect).

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