Benefits of Children Role-Playing with Dolls

Growing Up Is Hard To Do, Role-Playing Will Help

Whimpers and whines coming from my four-year-old often lead to me commenting, “It is so tough being four, isn’t it?”. I usually say it pretty sarcastically but really, it IS tough being four… and five… and six… and thirty-six! Regardless of your age, the pressures of life are real to you. Although my daughter isn’t dealing with “big” stressors like financial decisions, medical treatments, or parenting issues…. for her, sleeping in a dark room all by herself or getting picked on by kids at school are HUGE stressors! Life IS hard… even for a four year old!


How Role-Playing Can Help

Role-playing is a great way for children to express their feelings. Allowing your child to act out the feelings that build up inside gives them an outlet to not only express their feelings but also allows them to process their feelings.

How to Engage in Role Playing

Naturally, a child will play out their feelings and desires all on their own. Playing WITH your child and bringing up some of the hard to handle situations they may have faced (or will face in the future), gives you a chance to take the pressure off those hard conversations. Talking about feelings can be difficult for ANYONE.


With a doll, like Lottie Dolls, my daughter and I can act out situations that might be bothering her. Topics that she might not understand, not be able to explain or even situations she may not WANT to share can be discussed from one Lottie Doll to the other. In turn, she can open up when it feels like it is the Lottie Dolls is the one dealing with this situations through role-playing instead of it being about HER real-life situations. Basically, it makes those hard topics, easy!

What are Lottie Dolls?

Lottie Dolls are 7.5-inch tall dolls that are designed to look like CHILDREN. No makeup, risque clothing, or curvy figures which allows your child to play without feeling inadequate. Made to imitate the proportions of an actual child makes Lottie Dolls much more modest and age-appropriate for children to play with.


Autumn Leaves Doll

Lottie Dolls, Autumn Doll comes with:

  • Scarf
  • Hat
  • Boots
  • Duffel Coat
  • Long-sleeved shirt with a removable patch
  • Corduroy Skirt
  • Striped Leggings 


Do you love fall as much as I do? Well, I have passed along my love to my daughter. She also has a love for everything fall. Jumping in the leaves is one of her very favorite things to do. The Autumn Leaves Doll is absolutely perfect for her! 

Fossil Hunter Lottie Doll

What a great chance to start digging up those emotions with the Fossil Hunter Doll. She is an adventurous explorer. 


Lottie Doll, Fossil Hunter comes with:

  • Olive colored gilet puffa vest
  • Turquoise blue polo shirt with an ammonite shell design print
  • Cargo shorts
  • Orange and white stripe socks
  • Sturdy boots
  • Baseball cap
  • A rucksack
  • Fossil hunting tools (magnifying glass, trowel and geology hammer)
  • Four ammonite fossils
  • Special collector cards about the British female fossil hunter Mary Anning
  • Notable women in paleontology additional sheet

Role-Playing Check out Lottie Dolls and get your child talking!

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26 thoughts on “Benefits of Children Role-Playing with Dolls

  1. Its a great concept to role play so conversation and communication can happen which is so important

  2. Role play is a great, it helps a child to express their feeling, help them with communications and it’s fun too.

  3. These dolls are amazing!! I love that they don’t have make up on or fancy clothes and heels or super skinny bodies. They definitely appeal more to young girls then barbie does

  4. Role play and using your imagination is definitely a big part of growing up! I have three little ones (8,4 and 3) and absolutely love all of the fun games and scenarios that they come up while playing with dolls. 🙂

  5. These dolls are so cute. I think dolls do more than role playing, they are friends. When you don’t live close to other children you have someone to play with if you have a doll. The doll seems to take on a personality that your child wants it to have when playing. You can learn a lot about what your child is feeling just by the words she so-called puts into the dolls mouth. The tone that voice has and the actions the little one gives to the doll as well. I don’t remember what I pretended my dolls were when I was little, but I do remember what my younger sister usually had hers playing as, they were teachers. She usually had the dolls as school teachers, Sunday school teachers or music teachers. By the way she never grew up to be a school or music teacher, but she did teach Sunday school and ran an AWANA’s program at church in the past. I entered via the page. If I were lucky enough to win one of the dolls for a special little girl that just started preschool (though she is 5) I’d pick any of these $19.95 value dolls I saw on the company page, those would be either: Snow Queen Lottie Doll, Muddy Puddles Lottie Doll or the Birthday Girl Sophia Doll. Thank You for your review and working with the sponsor to bring us this giveaway entry opportunity.

  6. I love standing back and listening while my girl and her friends play with dolls, the conversations are priceless!

  7. I love the Lottie dolls. Get for helping relieve some of the pressure from society about girl body standards.

  8. This role playing is so good for our children and so fun. These dolls are so cute. Thank you so much for sharing. God Bless

  9. I love these because they remind me of dolls I played with as a child. They are small and personal. I agree role playing is great for children. It helps them express emotions and work things out.

  10. I still love playing dolls with my daughter and my nieces. These dolls are non-Barbie and help with body image for girls. They are all so cute. Great for small motor skills dressing the dolls. Something that will listen to the child as they express themselves.

  11. I so agree with you on how kids can use role playing to deal with learning about the world around them. My granddaughter has conversations with her dolls frequently and shares with them and teaches them.

  12. I think playing with dolls is a great way for kids to express themselves. I grew up with Barbie dolls and my brother had GI Joe. My daughter followed playing with some of my dolls and her new ones. These little Lottie dolls are perfect, they have their own stories and that is all you need to open up a little one’s imagination.

  13. What a wonderful doll to have, I think its so important to have a doll and roll play , I love that you can change her outfit on her.

  14. I want that fossil hunter doll so much for Alysia, who wants to be a geologist (close!). I would get her an astronaut suit too, you never know.

  15. I love that these dolls help to teach girls to be adventurous and use their imaginations.

  16. This is a really great idea that I have never heard of before. This seems like something all parents should do with their children regardless of gender. What an invaluable idea that could really ease a lot of mental stress on a child.

  17. Thank you for sharing. Its great that you can use your imagination. When you use your imagination you can come up with anything.

  18. My daughter loves dolls and this one here is one she is guaranteed she would love. the clothing is super cute

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