BayB Brand Keeps Baby Covered Yearlong

Keeping Your Baby Covered This Winter With BayB Brand

The Many Reasons to Keep Your Baby Covered

Newborn babies are the sweetest thing. Anytime I see a baby carrier, I am anxious to sneak a peak. However, I have learned a few things from parenting my own babies. Keeping your baby covered, especially during the winter months is extremely important for more than just the reason of keeping them warm.

Baby Covered

Don’t Touch My Baby!

Showing off your baby is so much fun but when strangers want to do more than just look, we have a problem! I am a very non-confrontational person. I have tried to do better at speaking up when it comes to my children’s health and well being but if I can avoid it…. I do. Having to tell a perfect stranger, “Please, do not touch my child” can be rather difficult. I know they are not TRYING to harm my child. So, it makes it difficult to speak up sometimes. 

Baby Covered

Babies put EVERYTHING in their mouths. I mean EVERYTHING. Their hands, feet, and even arms become a pacifier. Especially during cold and flu season, having contact with others can spread infection to your little one. Without trying to sound like a germaphobe, think about someone touching your baby’s hands just hours before they have flu symptoms. Now your child has not just been exposed but they have literally put the flu germs inside their mouth, increasing their chances of contracting the flu even more! No. No. AND NO

Baby Covered

What to Do About It?

Keeping a cover like the Car Seat Canopy from BayB Brand will protect your child from increased exposure during this cold and flu season. While it also keeps your baby warm, keeps the light out of their little eyes while trying to sleep, and keeps the wind off of them, it also keeps unwanted visitors from touching your child. It’s a win-win. Your baby is safe from extra germs and you don’t have to feel like you are being rude to anyone! 

About the Car Seat Canopy

Fitting most standard car seats, the car seat canopy attaches to the handle of the car seat in just two locations allowing you to keep a firm grip on the handle of the carrier. The canopies are machine washable. We all know how important THAT is when it comes to babies! Just hang dry it when you pull it out of the wash and you are set to go! 

Baby Covered

100% cotton outers with soft, snuggly, lovable 100% polyester minky interiors.

Baby Covered

The canopies are sold at an extremely low price! There is no reason NOT to have one!!

Pair With a Matching Baby Blanket

Why not match?! Each canopy has a blanket to match! The soft, snuggly blankets can be used to keep your little one warm in AND out of the car seat. Made from the same material as the canopy, the cotton and polyester blanket can also be washed and placed in the dryer on tumble dry. 

Baby Covered

Protect your baby from the weather AND GERMS with BayB Brand Car Seat Canopy and matching blanket!

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