Baby’s First Christmas

A baby’s first Christmas can be one of the sweetest memories. Even though they are sweet memories for the parent, the baby sure won’t remember his or her very first Christmas. That is why buying a bunch of toys isn’t necessary. Instead of buying a bunch of “stuff”, consider buying useful items that your baby will need in the upcoming year.

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My husband and I have a 6-month-old in our care right now. Although he is getting into playing with some toys, that is not all he needs. Here are some ideas of products that if you don’t already have, you really need to check out! 

A Keepsake Baby Blanket

Babies may have a bunch of blankets but one that can be used as a keepsake is a great Christmas gift! We love this quilt with Bible verses embroidered onto it.

Cutie Pea Diaper and Wipe Subscription Service

This is a great gift idea for even friends and family to purchase for the new baby in their life. I know I would LOVE a subscription for diapers and wipes to help bare the financial load throughout the upcoming few months. The nice thing is that you can pick which package you will purchase based on your Christmas gift budget.

Abiie Beyond Junior Y Chair

This is the coolest high chair around! Not only does it purpose as a high chair but it also as a chair that grows with the child all the way into adulthood by turning into a dining room chair. The seat and the footrest can be easily adjusted with just one touch! Since the seat can be removed during adjustment, it also makes it super easy to clean… even the cracks, unlike most high chairs!

A wooden high chair is going to be far more durable for years to come plus it usually fits in better than a plastic high chair. The Abiie Beyond Junior Y Chair is ultra-modern and comes in a variety of colored seats and different color stains of wood. The tray can be easily removed for quick and thorough cleaning.

Tiny Teethers

We LOVE Tiny Teethers at the Smith house! Their teethers, necklaces, and pacifier holders are all made from 100% silicone and wood that is safe for babies to chew on. I love all of their products but how fun is this Oreo teether?! The teether can safely attach to your baby’s clothing or bib to ensure it not fall on the floor!

Hape Toys Portable Baby Gym

Our baby boy literally will play with the Hape Toys Baby Gym until he falls asleep. The mat is obviously comfortable to him and he gets so much exercise with swatting at the toys that he falls asleep after playing for a good while! It is one of the few times I can put him down without any crying. He LOVES his Portable Play Gym!

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Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier

If you didn’t get a good baby carrier for a baby shower, Christmas is the perfect opportunity to splurge on a good one! There is a big difference in “a” baby carrier and “A NICE” baby carrier. The Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier is a nice pick. Your back will thank you later!

The Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier lets you position your baby in all directions which is helpful as the baby gets bigger. During each stage, your baby will want to have more freedom to be turned in different directions. They may want to snuggle up to go to sleep as you shop or they may want to face out to see all the animals at the zoo. It holds 12 pounds all the way up to a 45 pounder! The whole carrier is made of a breathable mesh fabric which keep the baby (and you) from being soaked with sweat! 

Orchid Baby Wear

Cuteness overload, right here! A newborn baby is so stinking adorable but then adding these adorable, snuggly gowns from Orchid Baby Wear will make your baby picture perfect. Are you going for comfort when it comes to your newborn yet want them to look Instagram ready at all times? Orchid Baby Wear Gowns need to be on your Holiday Wish List! These gowns are just precious. You never know when your baby’s first little smile may happen. Have them dressed and ready to snag a picture of their precious little face at all times!!

Precious Moments I Llove You Lots

Precious Moments has many adorable ornaments but my favorite has to be the I Llove You Lots llama ornament. Pick a very special ornament with the “First Christmas Year” on it. I know I still have one from when I was a baby!

Surfer Kiwi Swing

Swinging is so relaxing but especially with the Swurfer Kiwi. Curved to form to your child’s body, the Swurfer Kiwi will make swinging relaxing AND comfortable. The soft braided ropes will protect your little one’s hands from blisters and allows the swing to be placed inside without being an eyesore. Thanks to the fully adjustable three-point harness there is no need to worry about your child climbing out of the swing or sliding around in the seat as they swing. Swinging can be fun… rain or shine… indoors or outdoors! Some massive contagious giggles are heading your way with the Swurfer Kiwi!

Classic Knit Cardigan – Feltman Brothers

Christmas pictures, Christmas parties, and Christmas Day all require one thing… an adorable outfit! Feltman Brothers offer vintage clothing for infants and small children. Complete any outfit with Feltman Brothers’ Classic Knit Red Cardigan. This cardigan also comes in two other colors, white and navy. Buttoning down the front gives the option to go with the buttoned or unbuttoned look. Have your child picture ready with the Classic Knit Cardigan from Feltman Brothers. 

Now that I have shared some of my favorite baby items, head on over to your favorite from my list’s website and get your order in before Christmas gets here. 

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