Keeping Our Babies Secure During the Night

A Video Monitor that Keeps Babies Secure and Parents Minds at Ease

No doubt there is nothing more precious to a parent than their children! As mom and dad, it is our mission to protect and watch out for our children!

babies secure

For many new parents having the peace of mind as their little bundle of joy naps or even plays in the crib is an invaluable resource! Since we all have so many things going on, many of us would love to be able to stand in the bedroom as the little one sleeps but really need to use that time to get the chores and other life stuff in those few hours as the little ones sleep!

babies secure

BBluv has the perfect solution to allow the ability to get things around the house done yet keep the peace of mind that your child is safe and secure.

babies secure

The Vizio is an all-in-one digital baby monitor that offers not only a digital video monitor but also motion activated sound and image. Whether day or night Vizio offers peace of mind using an invisible led light.

babies secure

In addition, the Vizio offers 1,000 feet range with ultra clear vision. Meaning you can go to many places in your home and still keep an eye on your little one without having to open the door and possibly interrupt your child’s peaceful slumber! Vizio also offers the peace of mind of several alerts including a low and high-temperature alert, out of range alert, baby feeding alarm, and low battery alert. It also has a nightlight function as well as eight soothing lullabies to make bedtime or nap time even easier and more relaxing for your child!

babies secure

So why not let your baby rest peacefully and allow yourself to have the peace of mind that everything is ok as they sleep. With BBluv’s Vizio all in one monitor, both baby and parent will rest much easier!

babies secure

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