Cute Chompers Provides Relief for Teething Children

 Nibbly Bits Gives Relief for Teething Babies and Toddlers 

Do children ever stop teething? YES, at some point they do! But, when you have little ones, who are teething, it can seem like a never-ending thing. While they are babies, there’s a BUNCH of teething toy options to choose from. Although, once they hit the toddler stage and are walking around with a baby teether…. it looks a bit strange. It is then that you realize that the huge selection you used to choose from are not “toddler” friendly looking teethers. That’s why I’m so glad to tell you about Nibbly Bits for Teething Children!

Cute Chompers Provides Relief for Teething Children

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My Twins Are Cuter When Wearing Matching Outfits

My Twins are Cuter in Matching Outfits 

Is there anything more adorable than matching outfits on twins? When I found out I was expecting Boy and Girl Twins I always said I would never dress them the same… they are their own person, they are different genders, It’s so cliche… BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! Well, that lasted only as long as they were in my womb! Once they were born, BAM!.. matching outfits every day! I was always looking in the store, online, anywhere I could think to find matching outfits, I would literally google “Outfits for Boy and Girl Twins”. So needless to say, I’m always happy to hear about places, like My Twins are Cuter, who sell matching twin clothes!

Matching Outfits

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AQUIS Luxe Hair Towels Dry Your Hair Faster

Luxe Hair Towels Cut Drying Time In Half

I dread having to wash and dry my hair… not really the washing and fixing part, mostly just the drying! I have long thick hair, so normally I let my hair air dry. Also, I use so much heat from either my curling iron or straightener that I feel guilty using, even more, heat, I’ll skip using my hair drier and, well, that creates a bad hair day! As you can see, doing my hair has never been something I enjoy doing… that was until I was introduced to Aquis Luxe Hair towels. 

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Double Breasted Cardigan Provides Stylish Warmth

Double Breasted Cardigan for Children Provides Style and Warmth

Fall and Winter are quickly approaching, as the saying goes… “Its Sweater Weather”. I LOVE cool weather… sweaters, boots, scarfs… OH, I get excited thinking about it! Double Breasted Cardigan Provides Stylish Warmth

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Electric Water Kettle Saves Valuable Time

Electric Water Kettle Boils Water Faster and Safer!

I would image that most homes use A LOT of water. You can’t live without it! It is one of life’s many necessities. We drink it, cook with it, use it to make tea and coffee… of course MANY more things. But I’m here to talk about the water we need hot or boiling! Now, you may think that sounds less than exciting… but believe me, when I received the Capresso Electric Water Kettle, I was super excited! 

Electric Water Kettle Saves Time

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