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As adults, we know everyone has their own fair share of things they seem to struggle with more than others. Even though we know that adults have struggles, we often look at children’s struggles as something we need to “discipline”. Sometimes that is true, however; sometimes, we have to understand how real the struggle is to them. Instead of stopping it, tweak their behaviors enough to keep them, others, and personal property safe. One instance where this is especially true is when it comes to “chewing”. ARK Therapeutic has the tools your child needs if they struggle with chewing. 

ARK Therapeutics

When Chewing is a True Struggle

Babies chew when they are teething to help ease the physical pain that comes with teething. That is a natural part of infancy, so it is acceptable. Sometimes, the chewing is just a bad habit. Other times, chewing is looked at as unacceptable but it is really just a coping mechanism that children (and even adults) use when they are nervous, stressed, have sensory needs, or even simply to concentrate! 

When I get anxious, I have a habit of tapping my foot. Anxiety does need to be worked through BUT coming from someone who has dealt with anxiety, I also know anxiety is real. It is not just a habit or bad behavior. It is a true struggle that a LOT of people deal with. I know that tapping my foot is not going to hurt anyone. If it doesn’t hurt anyone and is not causing damage to myself or my belongings, then when anxiety kicks in, is the tapping really something that is a big deal? NO.

ARK Therapeutics

When I was in school, there was always this one kid who constantly chewed on pens. I can not tell you the number of times that he would wind up with ink all over himself, his desk, and his books. It wasn’t very pleasant to be around but it was a sensory thing for him. So, was his way of dealing with his struggles ok then? No. The way he handled things caused damage to school property. Was chewing unacceptable? No. What he decided to chew on was where it became unacceptable. ARK Therapeutic’s Chewlery would have been perfect for him. He could have chewed on something without destroying anything!

Another purpose for the need to chew is for medical reasons in which a child has a weak jaw or tongue. Chewing is necessary to gain the strength they need to eat, drink, and speak.

About Chewelry

Chewelry is chewable jewelry. ARK Therapeutic Chewelry, recommended for ages five and up, offers an alternative object for a child to chew on without causing damage to anyone or anything! Even if a child is chewing due to boredom, it will not hurt them to chew on ARK’s Chewelry!

ARK Therapeutic

ARK Therapeutic Chewelry offers different sizes, shapes, textures, and even different toughness levels. If a child tends to chew on clothing, the soft toughness level and one of the thinner charms may be their best option. You will want to match your Chewelry options as close to the same as what they typically chew on. 

  • Standard (Soft) – for mild chewers that like to sink their teeth into something. For children who typically chew on fabric or gum. 
  • XT (Xtra Tough) – for moderate chewers that need something a little firmer.
  • XXT (Xtra Xtra Tough) – for heavy chewers that like to chew on firm items. Holds up best for heavy chewers. 
ARK Therapeutic

Tweaking your child’s unpleasant behaviors can be difficult but if your child struggles with chewing, ARK Therapeutic not only has the tools you need but they also have therapists that you can speak with to make sure you find the perfect tool right for your child!

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4 Replies to “ARK Therapeutic Provides Child Anxiety Tools”

  1. I have worked with special needs children in the past and I could see this being of use to them too.

  2. This is so interesting. Anxiety is terrible to have to deal with. We don’t always know how to help our children with this. It is hard to handle as an adult. Thank you so much for sharing this product. God Bless

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