When Americans Throws a Temper Tantrum

Tantrums Are Obviously Not Just Something Kids Do!

Have you ever been walking in a grocery store, minding your own business, when all of the sudden you come up to a child pitching an absolute fit in the middle of the grocery aisle? I have heard many times a mom tell a child no to something and the child fall out on the floor screaming and crying. Sometimes, there will be a child sitting throwing a temper tantrum in the cart while hatefully yelling and throwing objects out fo the cart just to prove their point. 


How about your own kids (or if you do not have children, I am sure you have been to friends or families homes when their children get mad)? I have even seen children take a swing at mom, dad or playmates because they weren’t getting their way. Those are grounds for punishment.

What do you do? Well, first of all, I typically wonder “What in the world just happened?!”. Then I think, “It doesn’t even matter what happened…. but this kid needs to get their act together!”. Sometimes, I get aggravated. Sometimes, to be honest, I judge myself or the mom of the child wondering why their (or my) child thinks they can act that way. Haven’t they learned that is NOT the way to handle things to get their way?!

Have you seen instances like this? What about the thoughts that that child has lost their absolute mind? Have you been annoyed by hearing and seeing an all out temper tantrum? I am SURE you thought to yourself… “Oh poor kid, I feel bad for him that he is throwing things or hitting…. maybe I should give him or her what they want. They deserve it!” YEAH RIGHT!!! 

NO, THEY DO NOT DESERVE ANYTHING but punishment acting that way! 

Are You Letting Your Kids Think Tantrums Are OK Depending on the Circumstances?

Then let me ask…. why are there so many people who think that the rioters and protesters are right? I am not talking about a peaceful protest. I am talking about the ones we have been seeing more and more. Riots breaking out because of angry American’s who just want their way!


If you would not congratulate your child for that kind of behavior…. what kind of mixed messages are you sending to your children and grandchildren by standing behind all the madness. 


Disagreeing with political views is one thing but when it turns hateful, spiteful, damaging to people or property…. you might want to question if that is really working to change any minds. I know when my children throw tantrums, it sure doesn’t make me want to give them anything. I become stricter with them and they have a whole lot of restrictions put into place. 


Stand For Right Not For Rights

Regardless if you are black, white, democrat, republican, gay, straight, atheist, or Christian… you have NO “right” to be hateful. I believe in standing up for your beliefs but there is a proper way of taking a stand. Slamming others and rioting are NOT taking a stand. That’s when it crosses the line from taking a stand to being hateful.


So, think twice before making HATEFUL comments on social media. Stand up for what is right… not “people’s rights”. Your child is a human with rights too but you sure don’t give them the “right” to hit you, break a window in your house, bash in a TV or fall to the floor kicking and screaming simply because they don’t like your decision as a parent.


Just because you are an adult with strong beliefs does not make you exempt from loving others and treating others with respect regardless if their beliefs line up with yours!

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