Adult Black Friday Gift Guide 2018

Adult Black Friday Gift Guide

Adult Christmas Gift Guide

We have compiled our favorite Adult Christmas gift ideas. Below you will find a short description of the item. You can click the product name to see our full review of each product specifically! Make sure you check back because we will be adding many more products for you to check out!

You can also find gift ideas for children HERE!

7 Charming Sisters Jewelry


7 Charming Sisters offers a variety of costume jewelry at great prices. Spruce up any outfit with the perfect pairing of jewelry! 

Nomad Boots

rain boots

So many styles and designs of rain boots to choose from. Keep your girl’s feet dry while keeping in style!

Luxe Bath Products

Luxe Bath Products

Most any woman would be happy to find a relaxing bath product in their stocking or under the tree with their name on it. Luxe brings the nostalgic look to each package and product. Great for teacher gifts, stocking stuffers, and Secret Santa gifts! Luxe by Mr. Bubbles is available on the shelf at UltaBeauty stores and!


road trips

Whether you have a dog or maybe you are looking to surprise that certain someone with a puppy for Christmas, EZDog has all the quality pet products you will need!

300 Piece Drill Bit Toolbox

drill bit

Give the man in your life a “bit for the occasion” with this 300 piece Drill Bit Toolbox. Whether working with wood, metal, or even concrete, your man will be equipped for the project!

Peugeot Kitchen Knives

kitchen knives

Indulge with a great set of kitchen knives! Peugeot offers the four most used knives in the kitchen for meal prep. These extremely sharp knives make prepping your food a breeze!  

Sleep ZZZ Pillow

foster mom

The ZZZ Pillow is not just for kids… they make them for adults, too! This U shaped fuzzy pillow brings comfort all night long!

The Original Profi Stainless Steel Fry Pan

stainless steel pan

The Original Profi Stainless Steel Fry Pan from Fissler offers optimal heat absorption with its patented Cookstar feature. The pan retains the desired temperature, distributing it evenly throughout the entire pan regardless of what type of stove you own.

Bbluv Video Monitor

babies secure

Give the mom to be a peace of mind knowing she can hear and see her baby at all times!

Winning Moves Games

game time

There is a wide variety of games to choose from at Winning Moves Games including Classic Rummy Tiles, Monopoly Advance to Boardwalk and more!

Google Chromecast

google chromecast

Save some money by cutting the cord to cable and buying Google Chromecast!

Cube Puzzler Pro

3D Puzzle

Great way to get your child (or even adults) to think! The Cube Puzzler Pro is a 3D Cubed Puzzle that will be a challenge for anyone! Suggested for ages 10 and up, using 6 differently shaped ball puzzle pieces, place the pieces strategically to complete a cube. It is harder than it looks! Using logic and a challenge booklet, complete each challenge from beginner level to the most advanced level.  

CASO Germany Vacuum Sealer VC100

vacuum sealer

When it comes to keeping food fresh and crisp, air is the enemy. Foods exposed to air will quickly become soft, moldy, or stale, and with the high price of food today, this can add up to an enormous waste of money. The CASO Germany Vacuum Sealer VC100 helps keep food fresh for up to five times longer. Once vacuum sealed, you can store, freeze, boil, or microwave the sealed package. 

Bose Soundbar

Bose Soundbar

Everything sounds better with the Bose Soundbar. Sleek design along with great sound quality makes this a winner for all!

ThinkFun Games

ThinkFun Games

Bring on the games this Christmas! If you are looking for games for your children, ages 8 and up, Think Fun has three great new games. Cat Crimes is a single player puzzle with 40 different challenges of trying to use clues to solve a crime. Laser Chess is a two player game combining the game of chess and laser beams! Shadows in the Forest is a strategy game to play in the dark! Yes, that is right, in the dark. Using a lantern, players work together and use strategic thinking to complete the game.&nbsp 

Lugz Boots

fall boots

These comfortable yet fashionable boots come in a variety of styles for both men and women. Lugz uses memory foam insoles to add support for your busy day!

Groove Life Rings

Active Lifestyle Wedding Rings

Designed by an adventure seeker who desired both comfort and safety, as well as a display of his commitment to his wife, each Groove Life ring is designed with comfort and functionality in mind. The unique patterns, an assortment of colors, and a variety of logos offer an array of styles that will appeal to all types of people – the adventure seekers, factory workers, sports enthusiasts, moms, professionals, and so many more!

Rescue Guard

Natural Disaster Preparations

The best way to be prepared for any natural disaster is having a survival bag on hand that comes equipped with everything you may need during a natural disaster. Having everything already in a backpack allows you to be ready to “grab and go” which is extremely important in a natural disaster event.

Capresso Kettle

electric Kettle

Choose elegance, functionality, and an energy saving gift with the Capresso Electric Kettle. Stovetop boiling takes about ten minutes, while the Capresso pour-over electric kettle takes about three minutes. This is a huge savings of time and energy.

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  1. I love Black Friday. I’m looking for some good deals on electronics for my kids. Maybe a tv for me, too!

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