Accessorizing for Fall and Winter

Accessorizing Your Fall and Winter Outfits

As the temperatures become cooler, day by day, it means ONE thing… it is almost jeans and hoodie weather. As comfortable as it is, do not forget to dress up on occasion too! Scarves look nice but you can’t forget the jewelry. If you are like me, you don’t want to spend much money on accessories. 7 Charming Sisters has a great selection of jewelry that won’t break the bank yet will spruce up your fall and winter clothing. Accessorizing is a key to make… or break any outfit!


A Few of My Favs

Rock of the Family

This one may be my favorite from the fall collection that 7 Charming Sisters offers. Such a unique look. The lightweight pearl with a unique wrapping of silver wiring dangles to charm any outfit!


Ready for Takeoff

Tie in all a mix of fall colors, pair this bracelet with a navy or green solid top or dress!

accessorizingLow Key Antique

What a great reminder that we, as women, hold the key to so much. Our husbands and children need us far more than we realize. I love wearing this to remind myself that I am important and many valuable hearts are unlocked daily by me. My husband and children can open up and be real with me… that is something to NOT take lightly!


Real Truth Silver

The Real Truth Silver Bangle can be used to dress up any outfit. It fits perfectly and looks great with so many different outfits!


Pineapple Charm

Have you taken note of the pineapple craze as of late? My son has joined in on the craze so when he saw I had a new pineapple necklace, mom all the sudden became “cool”. Ha! 


Spiral of Gold

This necklace is a little larger than the others but offers a perfect way to break up a solid shirt with the lower hanging, larger charm. Larger charms are especially great for those who have a little larger frame, like me!


My Heart

I love how this necklace can be adjusted by just sliding the chain through the heart further down. You can create the look you prefer!


Accessorizing your outfits with the perfect jewelry will make a big difference. 7 Charming Sisters has great prices but they also offer many sale products. Who doesn’t love a great bargain?! Which piece is your favorite? 

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